2017 in a nutshell

Hello again,

It’s been some time since my last post and that’s not just because I’ve been really busy, but I guess also due to me losing inspiration for writing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing but so much has happened that I just needed to take some time away for myself.

I did some travelling in 2017, not as much as I wished due to me going back to studying. Nevertheless, the trips I took were heart-warming and no less an adventure.

I went to Byron Bay, Sydney, Bintan, and twice to Maldives.

Byron Bay & Sydney

My fave place in the world. Sydney holds a special place in my heart. I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s the vibes and people there. I feel so at ease and at home whenever I visit Sydney.

If I can move to Sydney tomorrow, I will do so in a heartbeat. And I’m so glad I got to take my mum along for this visit. I hope I’ll be able to go back to this beautiful city soon.



A short but still meaningful trip with the family. It’s been years since we took a family trip so when everyone was finally free, off we go!

I wished we had more time in Bintan but reality awaits. Our next family trip will be in 2020. We’re planning a two-month road trip across Canada and Alaska, so I’m really excited about it!


Another place I’ve been wanting to revisit for far too long. Maldives is just so beautiful with its islands and beaches. I went there to heal and it was definitely a great trip after 10 freaking long years. I’m so happy to have met new friends there who made my stay a joy.

IMG_0427 (6)IMG_0505 (9)IMG_0545IMG_0586 (13)IMG_0736IMG_0778IMG_0791


In March, I will have completed my Freshman year. Honestly, I can’t wait for it to be over and move on to become a Junior. So much has been happening but I just hope that I’ll stay focus on my goals and objectives.

With that said, here’s to 2018 being a better year and lots and lots of new adventures!




Sydney (2017)

As mentioned in my Byron Bay post, after four days spent in Byron Bay, we took a 13-hour overnight bus to Sydney. It was quite an experience for both my Mum and I as we’ve never taken such a long bus journey before.

We arrived in Sydney on 28th March morning and went straight to our Airbnb to drop off our luggages. And off we went to our very first destination: Devon Cafe! Last year, when I was in Sydney with Shah, the first cafe we went to when we arrived, was also Devon Cafe. Guess it’s mandatory?


As always, the food at Devon Cafe was superb! Definitely recommend this cafe to those visiting Sydney.

Dessert was my fave ice cream in the world (that’s right, THE WORLD!!), Aqua S!!!! It’s so good to be back at Aqua S! Every time I look at my Sydney photos, there are two things I miss the most. Aqua S and the grilled scallops from the Sydney Fish Market.

Ended the day at Bronte Beach. We tried walking from Bronte Beach to Bondi Beach via the beach walkway but somehow we got lost. After walking an hour, we weren’t even halfway to our destination. We gave up and decided to uber.

Got my 6th tattoo in my fave city in the world! Alis Volat Propriis, which is Latin for “she flies with her own wings”. I think Latin is so sexy, don’t ya think?


Day 2, we managed to sleep in till afternoon, considering we didn’t sleep much on our bus ride here.

We spent the entire day at Bondi Beach. Getting lunch at Harry’s Bondi, which serves one of the best organic food. They even have organic coke! How dope!

Did some suntanning on the beach, before grabbing some ice cream at Gelatissimo.

We ended our day by watching the sunset at Bondi Icebergs.

Our trip to Sydney was a short one. We spent three days in total. On our last day there, I brought Mum to the Sydney Fish Market.

I’m drooling…….

We did a little shopping (okay not a little, it’s actually a lot lol) at QvB (Queen Victoria Building).

And finally (and I mean finally!!!), after searching for so long, I’ve found Doux Amour Patisserie!

Bought the cutest puffs everrrrrrrr!

And that was how we ended an amazing and awesome trip: with cute and equally tasty food!

Can’t wait for more adventures 🙂




2016 travel lookbook

And just like that, with a snap of your fingers, it’s the last day of January! Wow! First month of the year already gone?!

Well, here’s a recap of my travel adventures in 2016:

Tokyo (January):

First trip of 2016 with my mum and sis. It’s so good to go somewhere cold. Makes me miss the freezing weather and I think I should plan to go somewhere this year to experience winter again.

Macau & Hong Kong (April)

First time traveling with my grandaunt and granduncle. Was also joined by my grandma and aunt. Was utterly spoiled by them hehe 🙂

My cousin and her friend happened to be there too so we met up a couple of times.

Sydney (April/May)

Ahhh heading to my fav city in my fav country with my Boo! I miss this trip the most and how can I forget the mouth-watering food Sydney has to share. I can’t wait to move there!!

Bali (October)

This was the first time I got to travel on my birthday! And also the first time my Boo, Mum and I went on a trip together!


Port Dickson (November)

Brought my Mum for a short birthday trip.

Bangkok (December)

My last trip with my Boo in 2016!

Darwin (December/January)

2016 started with a girls’ trip with my Mum and sis, and it ended with another trip with them. A road trip!!


Hope you love my 2016 travel lookbook!!!



Sydney Adventures (2016)

‘As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination.’

Travelling with Shahrul was a great adventure and a learning experience. We’ve learnt more about each other. I am the adventurous one and love spending the whole day exploring, while he is the laid back one and would rather go home early for a relaxing evening. We’ve learnt to give and take during this trip and learnt to compromise for one another. As this was our first big trip together, there were times where we argued or got snappy with one another. But we still had the best time in Sydney and definitely learn some important new things.

On the way to Sydney….

Day 1

Arrived in Sydney around 12 noon and of course we went to get data plan for our phones cos without 3G, I’ll die hahaha!

After that, we took the train to Riverwood to meet our Airbnb host. FYI, public transport in Sydney is way more expensive than Singapore. We stayed 4/5 stations away from the airport, but our train fare cost AUD17 EACH! That’s because there’s a surcharge, according to our host. Shahrul and I spent AUD100 just on transport for the trip! Goodness! But definitely still the cheapest way to get around.


Our Airbnb house is just soooo lovely, and Katrina and her husband were so nice and friendly to us. Buying fruits for us one evening, offering advice to us on what places we should visit and sending us to the train station when we arrived and were heading back to Singapore. If anyone of you plan to head to Sydney and prefer a cheaper accommodation than a hotel, let me know, I can give you Katrina’s contact. We spent about SGD65 per night for the Airbnb. Lovely place and lovely hosts.

Oh yesss! Another plus point of staying there? You get to see a beautiful sunset every evening from the kitchen!


We headed to Aqua S for some much needed ice cream! Best and prettiest ice-cream I’ve ever eaten! The ice-cream is soft and doesn’t taste too milky (which I dislike). Do note that they change their ice-cream flavours quite regularly so what I had when I was in Sydney, may not be on the menu when you visit. what I got was sea salt with melon milkshake with two toppings; fairy floss and grilled marshmallow, while Shahrul just got the melon milkshake ice-cream. The fairy floss was quite difficult to eat, I must say. It was sticking to my hands and the sleeve of my shirt. Definitely not a nice sight haha. But the grilled marshmallow was the BOMB! It’s just so soft and it melts in your mouth! YUM!

If you think my choice of flavour was weird, think again! It was soooooo goood!!! A mix of saltiness from the sea salt and sweetness from the melon milkshake. Best of both worlds!

Definitely worth visiting!

Aqua S (12pm-10pm)

27/501 George Street,

Sydney NSW 2000

PS, do note that the opening and closing times given varies everyday so do google if you plan to visit any of the food places listed in this post!!

We headed down to Paddy’s Markets. I didn’t quite like the market as I was hoping for an open-spaced market like Paddington’s Markets. But if you would like to get cheap souvenirs and fruits, this is the place.

Paddy’s Markets (10am-6pm)

Hay St & Thomas Street,

Sydney NSW 2000

Next, we went to another ice-cream shop. I swear, the first day is all about ice-cream. I mean, who cares we’re on holiday right? We can eat whatever we want.

We visited Good Times Artisan Ice Cream. 050.JPG

Not a big fan of this ice-cream as it was too creamy and tasted too much like milk. But it’s definitely pleasing to the eyes.

Good Times Artisan Ice Cream (6pm-11pm)

87B Macleay Street,

Potts Point NSw 2011

Day 2

Woke up bright and early to head to Devon Cafe for breakfast.


Devon cafe was the best cafe we went in Sydney! The food was just so mouth-watering good!

Devon Cafe Menu

While waiting for our table


We ordered the Cookies & Cream, Crab Gone Chili and  Double Trouble. My favourite was the Cookies & Cream. No better words to describe it but FUCKING GOOD! Anyone with a sweet tooth like me should order this.

Devon Cafe (7am-4:30pm)

76 Devonshire St,

Surry Hills NSW 2010

Next we went to Sephora for a major spree!!


Yes people, when I say major spree, I mean it! Hahaha

Went to Paddington’s Markets next. It is still my favourite market to visit even after seven years!

Things are a bit more pricey there but they do sell a greater variety of products and clothes. You can also just head down for a meal if you don’t want to shop as there are quite a few food vendors.

Paddington’s Markets (10am-4pm)

395 Oxford St,

Paddington NSW 2021

For dinner, we decided to cook, well Shahrul cooked and I washed the dishes lol.

Seafood Spaghetti

Beautiful sunset from the house

Day 3

First place to visit? Sydney Tower.

Beautiful view but it got a little boring after like 10 minutes. Should go there to view the sunset.

Sydney Tower (9am-9:30pm)

100 Market St,

NSW 2000

After that, we headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Just a piece of advice, DO NOT feed the Macaws!! Bloody hell, I got bitten by one! Damn you stupid birdie!


We went there to visit the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and it was just beautiful!


Royal Botanic Gardens 

Mrs Macquaries Road,

Sydney NSW 2000

Next stop? The Sydney Fish Market.

Try to go on a weekday. We went on a weekend and a weekday and the weekend was so packed! Also, there were people complaining about the Chinese tourists as they were very noisy. So weekday is definitely better.


Sydney Fish Market is a MUST go! The 2 oysters are AUD10! The lobster was only AUD21! Holy cow! And the cheesy scallops is a definite MUST try! And it is only 3 for AUD11!

Sydney Fish Market (7am-4pm)

Bank St & Pyrmont Bridge Road

Sydney NSW 2009

The last place we visited that day was Watson Bay. We took a ferry there and had a great view of the Harbour Bridge along the way.



Before heading home, we went back to Aqua S for ice-cream again.


Sea salt with tomato flavour with 2 toppings; grilled marshmallow and sweet popcorn. It’s a weird mix of flavours and I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous one.

Day 4

We went for the Blue Mountains Day Tour.


Had a good workout that day. We trekked twice! And each trek was about 2 hours long!! Went home with sore bodies haha

Our tour guide, Adam was so fun to be around. He brought his rubber snakes with him and went around scaring people!

The Three Sisters


I asked Adam if he could bring us to Lincoln’s rock, and he was really nice to oblige.


After the tour, which ended at 6pm, we went to Westfield Mall at Hurtsville to watch Captain America: Civil War.


Boy, are movie tickets really expensive in Sydney!

One ticket is AUD20!! And they only sell cheaper tickets on Tuesday at AUD 17 which is still very expensive compared to a movie ticket in Singapore. But I just love watching movies overseas and it’s a good experience.

Day 5

went for a walk at Bondi Beach.


Headed for lunch at The Grounds Of Alexandria


We had buttermilk fred chicken wings, spiced steak tartare, steamed South Australian mussels and the ground bread pan for two! Bon Apetit!


The Grounds Of Alexandria (7am-9:30pm)

7A, 2 Huntley St,

Alexandria, NSW 2015

Took a train down to meet Shahrul’s teacher for dinner before calling it a day. Got her a bouquet of flowers from the florist at The Grounds Of Alexandria.


Day 6

Breakfast at the Sydney fish Market again cos the food is simply DELICIOUS!!


Headed to a cafe at Bondi Beach for dessert. It’s called Speedos Cafe, We shared a plate of vegan pancakes. Not too bad considering it’s my first time eating vegan food.


Speedos Cafe (6am-6pm)

2/126 Ramsgate Ave,

North Bondi NSW 2016

Visited Blue Points Reserve in the evening to watch the sunset.



Blue  Points Reserve

Blue Points Rd,

North Sydney NSW 2060

Dinner was made by chef Shahrul again.

He cooked Ravioli and sweet & spicy beef chunks.


Day 6

Visited Featherdale Wildlife Park.


Kangaroo is taller than me LOL

Featherdale Wildlife Park (9am-5pm)

217 Kildare Rd,

Doonside NSW 2767

Lunch at Hello Kitty Diner


Hello Kitty Diner Australia (11am-9pm)

436 Victoria Ave,

Chatswood NSW 2067

For our last night in Sydney, we did something special! To celebrate our 16th Monthsary, we went on a Captain Cook Sunset Cruise.

Our 3-course meal menu

Captain Cook Sunset Cruise

Darling Harbour King Street,

Wharf No. 1

It was an exciting and adventurous trip with my love and I can’t wait to travel again with him soon ❤

Sydney Vlog 1

Sydney Vlog 2

Sydney Vlog 3

Sydney Vlog 4