Adventure at the National Museum

It wouldn’t be called an adventure without a few glitches here and there. I won’t talk about them here, but we will definitely not be forgetting them.

Heading to the National Museum with this bunch makes it even more fun! Although we had to get our assignment done quickly, it was never boring…

I wished we had more time that day to explore, but nope we had to head back to school. Reality sets in….

Here’s to more adventures with you guys!


Museum Hopping Kinda Day

Shah and I planned to go to the Singapore Arts Museum to check out the Singapore Biennale exibition again, but it had already ended. We decided to just take a look at the other exhibitions before making an impromptu trip to the National Museum of Singapore.

Shah is really into Arts and History, so I guess it really made his day.

And I’m so glad I went with him. History isn’t my forte so when I didn’t understand certain things, I asked Shah.

It made me so proud that my boyfriend knows all his history facts. I actually don’t mind spending the whole day visiting museums with him and listening to his explanations.

I’m really glad we managed to spare some time to visit the museums and can’t wait to do so again!