The Market Grill

TGIF! Hope your week has gone well. And here’s hopping your weekend is even better!

Fridays is all about winding down, planning about what you’ll do during the weekends. Maybe spend more time with family, meet friends who are equally as busy as you during the weekdays. Or you know, just sleep in?

For me, I love to head out during the weekends. I love to go out with my family and bf. Shah always complain that I’m like an energizer bunny, always on the go and never seem to want a break. He’s always asking if I’m ever tired. Well, I do get tired sometimes. After all, I’m only human. But I get so excited when I have something(s) planned out for the day. And yes, I’m a planner. I’m big on plannings! If I don’t plan, I actually feel lost at times. No sure if it’s a good or bad thing. What do you guys think?

For this particular Friday, I spent the whole day with Vivienne. Met her at her school and she introduced me to ban mian. I used to not like it but damn, the school’s one is pretty goooood!

After that, we did some shopping at the mall, before we headed to her house to hang out and play with Terry (her dog).

And for dinner, we went to The Market Grill. I’ve been wanting to visit this place for the longest time as I heard great reviews about their lobster roll.

img_83871SONY DSC

Lobster Roll ($48). One of the best I’ve eaten so far! The bread was crispy on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside. And the lobster? Heavenly.

Black Angus Beef Bavette 200g ($42). I got to try a bit from Vivienne and the beef is juicy and tender. Although I would have preferred it medium rare or rare. Definitely a must try!


Thanks for listening to my troubles and I had a great time with you that day! I don’t remember laughing so much hahaha.

Hope you guys had a great Friday and may your weekend be greater 🙂






Girls’ Evening

Haven’t seen this girls for more than a month and we finally got to meet on a day when everyone’s free!

We were supposed to have dinner at the Botanist, but it closed at 6pm that day. The funny thing was, our back up and the back up for our back up were also both closed! Goodness, Shanelle, Vivienne and I must have walked around for closed to an hour before we settled on Montana. And I’m so thankful we went to Montana cos the food is just mouthwatering!

Warning: Do Not Scroll Down Any Further Unless You Have A Full Stomach!

Food Coma!

My Mac Daddy Burger was da bomb! Omg it’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten and I think I said this to my friends like 10 times when I was eating. But trust me, it’s worth it. Go and get yourself a Mac Daddy Burger! And the cakes! Oh wow! They were soft and moist, and that’s exactly how cakes should be! Sorry Shanelle, gotta disagree with the theory that cakes should be hard 😉 One cake is actually quite big, probably can be shared among your friends. And you need, I repeat, NEED to get the nutella cake. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes but unlike some places that sell beautiful but not tasty cakes, this one actually is good! It  reminds me of the cakes at My Sister Bakes. Yum!

Oh gosh, writing this post is just making me wanna head back to Montana.

I definitely will be heading back again for more! I think this is my new fav cafe. I can’t wait to introduce this place to Shah!

It was so nice to catch up with them and made me realise how much I miss disturbing Shanelle hahaha!

Now that we’ve all graduated from Pre-U, meeting up as often is difficult due to our schedules. Let’s hope we won’t have to postpone our next meet up 🙂









A nice evening with the bestie

It sucks when you and your friend(s) have to cancel a planned date at the very last minute for whatever reason. Ladonna and I were supposed to have a picnic together when I came back from Darwin, but somehow, it got postponed to next month and we decided to have a meal together. We planned to meet two weeks ago but she came down with food poisoning and again, we had to push it back.

Finally, a couple days back, we got to meet for our long awaited outing. We decided to meet for dinner at Shelter In The Woods and just have a relaxing evening, chatting.

We talked about everything; school, work, relationships, etc. Even though we only meet once a month or sometimes even longer, it doesn’t feel that way. We talk as though we see each other everyday. Plus, it never gets awkward.

I was finally able to give Ladonna all the presents (birthday and Christmas) I owed her since secondary school. It’s a long story. But I’m so glad she loves her presents!


The food was not too bad, although I was quite disappointed that I missed their famous Lobster Roll which is only on the lunch menu. It was such a filling meal that the both of us could not even move our limbs after that. But what is a meal without desserts?

We headed to town after resting our bloated stomachs, for some ice cream. I ate most of it by the way, as Ladonna couldn’t stomach eating anymore.


Oh yeah, did I mention I got my nails done for CNY? How cool is the Totoro design? I didn’t expect the nail art to turn out so well but I’m really impressed. I’ve got people asking if it’s stick-on nail art. Uh uh, it’s all hand drawn. Dope right?

All in all, it was a really chill out evening with my bestie, and it was great we could sit down and talk for hours without worrying about having to rush anywhere else. Crossing my fingers that we won’t have to push back our picnic next month and really hope we can make this a monthly outing, instead of once every six months.





2016 in summary

Hello from Darwin! It is an hour away from 2017!! Omg where has the time gone?! 

Yesterday, Mum asked me how did I find 2016. Honestly, I don’t like to define a year by good or bad. There will always be ups and downs. A year is just a year. You get through it, get a year older and learn more as time passes. It’s just life. 

I’m very lucky in the sense that I took this year to travel…..a lot. I’ve met amazing and great people whom I hope to see again. 

I’ve had my downs too. I moved out for a couple of months and got to really get a taste of not relying on my family members whom I’m closed to. I felt that my separation from them made me a little more independent. It was a good learning lesson for me. And a much needed break from everything. 

I also got rid of more toxic people. Honestly, sometimes I wish I can be like some people who don’t need friends at all, to cut away the betrayals. But I’m human. We all need love and companionship. Well most of us. 

This person is just someone I realised I can’t trust and haven’t been for awhile. Very vain and only cares for herself. I’m so glad she’s out of my life and I can finally breathe a sense of relief that the last toxic person is no longer around me. 

Now, I treasure even more the friends I have around me. It’s not the quantity but the quality of friends that you have. I can count with one hand the number of friends I can trust. Not many right? But I know they’re there for me no matter what. And I rather just have them than fake friends. 

This year, I’ve taken time off to find myself. Learn about my self. And love myself. After overdosing last year, I never did recover. I had so much hatred and anger in me. Hatred and anger over myself, family members, friends and even people whom I’ve gotten rid of. It was and is a meaningful journey. I mean it takes time, months or even years, to get over the negative impacts people have imprinted on you. But I told myself last October, enough is enough. And I meant it. 

So those who’s been with me through thick and thin, I’m very grateful. From the bottom of my heart. And I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused to you all. I’m still a mess but I will get my shit together. 

2017 will be better. New chapter in my life. And I’m excited about it! And travelling to new places with my Boo and BFF 😉 

So here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!! May your 2017 be mind-blowing!✨🌟 

Sending you all love from Darwin ❤