Refinery Sg

Ever went to a cafe/restaurant and just couldn’t decide what to order cos everything just looks and sounds good?

That was what happened to me when I stepped into Refinery Sg but of course I couldn’t order everything on the menu. There were only two of us eating so I chose my top few.

Yup it was a lot for two! Other customers were looking at us in amazement. But lemme tell you, moi may be small size but moi can really eat. And true to my words, I cleared every dish, plate by plate!

I’ve got asked so many times how can I eat so much food. Honestly I have no idea. Sometimes I think my stomach is never ending, and it just absorbs food as easy as ABC.

Talking about food is making me hungry again. Gotta go!





Recently, I visited Botanist for a leisure lunch. I was pretty hyped about it, for the fact that it is run by the same group behind Pacamara. Pacamara is considered to be one of my fave cafes so I had pretty high hopes for Botanist.

Described as a garden-themed cafe, Botanist serves the usual brunch classics.

When I first heard that it was a garden-themed cafe, my mind went to Epiphyte, another garden-themed cafe which I went to last year.

I was pretty disappointed to see that Botanist was barely designed like a garden. There was just a wall filled with leaves at the outdoor part of the cafe. And the whole place was just very cramped.

The food was not nice as I felt that it didn’t meet Pacamara’s standard. I was also quite disappointed to find that two of the dishes I wanted to order were out of the menu, even though they were clearly still in the menu. The only dish I enjoyed there was the brioche toast, which I could have just headed down to Pacamara to enjoy.

However the staff there were very nice, being courteous and helpful.

Overall, this cafe is the ‘been there and done that’ type. In my opinion, not really worth visiting a second time.





Freedom is here…

Here’s something to share with you guys! Usually before a paper, I tend to be so nervous that I can’t eat much and my stomach will end up growling mid-paper. Not a pleasant sight or sound, I might add. There was one time, my stomach growled so loudly that the teacher stared at me and a fellow classmate snickered. Yup, maximum embarrassment!

This time’s mid-sem paper was no different. I couldn’t eat much before I headed for school to take the paper. But afterwards, I was famished! I felt I could eat bowls and bowls of pasta, which I did not of course! Just one…

Stateland Cafe is the perfect place for some comfort food and that’s where I went after my paper.

I’ve always wanted to head back there after my last visit. The end of mid-sem paper was the perfect opportunity to go and celebrate the end of my test and the start of my holiday.

After that was to catch a movie with my love and my mum (aka the third wheeler). 

For now I’m just gonna make full use of my mid-sem break to catch up on lots of sleep.





Pince and Pints

I’ve had my fair share of lobster rolls at many cafes/restaurants, but the one and only place that has got me hooked on their lobster roll, is Pince and Pints.

I went there a few years back to celebrate my birthday, and all the hype about the restaurant is legit! The lobster was so soft and juicy, like literally melting in your mouth. And the bread was toasted to perfection.

Yes yes, Pince and Pints is quite pricey, but if you want the good lobsters, go there. Don’t waste your time at cafes paying $20-$30 and all you get is just bread with lobster. Yes, I’m serious. No sauce, no nothing. Of course, there are cafes that serve lobster rolls with mayo, but I hate mayo, and I find such dishes too common.

Pince and Pints is a place you must definitely try once. Either go with a date or with some good friends.

The place gives a very cozy ambience with dim lights. Perfect for intimate dinners. Or you can just go there for drinks at the bar, to rewind and relax after a hectic day at work.

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I chose my all-time favourite, The Truffle Roll ($68++). Goodness, it still tastes exactly the same. Full of goodness and very sinful! A bit of truffle caviar and shaved truffle on the dish, add with a side of truffle butter sauce, grilled corn and straight-cut fries….PERFECTO!

Oh and the Lobster Mac & Cheese ($29++)? Sizzling hot! I wouldn’t mind going for seconds. But hey, I needed space for dessert!

Travelled all the way to Holland Village for some Sunday Folks ice cream. Even though it was a weekday, the place was fully packed with customers, with more waiting for their tables.

I decided to just get a cone ice cream for takeaway, and enjoyed my dessert within the confines of my car. Peace and quiet. And that is how I like to end off a busy and tiring day. With food.



D’Good Cafe

D’Good café has opened another branch, and it’s in town! Thank God for that, as its first branch is located all the way at Holland Village.

In terms of aesthetics, both cafes have very different layouts. The first branch at Holland Village, which I’ve been to a few times, has a garden theme, whereas the one located at Taka is designed in a way to mimic the London Tube.

We ordered a couple of dishes to share, and for the fact that I was really hungry. Okay, who am I kidding. I ordered three dishes for myself. And nope, I didn’t share at all lol.IMG_2247[1]IMG_2246[1]

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Ordered the Baked Escargots in shell, Foie Gras and Quinoa, The Scotch Egg and the D’Lobster Roll.

I love the escargot especially mixed with garlic and herbs. The foie gras wasn’t too bad, although it tasted a little dry. As for the lobster roll, it isn’t exactly the best I’ve tasted. I mean if you legit want awesome lobster roll, it would be Pince and Pints. I’m not a fan of mayo (hate it to the core), but apparently, mixing lobster and mayo seems to be the thing. But it’s a no no for me. Uh uh, I like mine with truffles and some garlic. Basically, anything but mayo.

I wouldn’t mind heading back again to D’Good café as they have a colourful range of food on their menu. And I would suggest trying out both branches as they both have beautiful interiors for photo opportunities.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetLately, all I can think about is burgers, burgers and even more burgers!!

Why, you may ask? Thanks to a certain show called ‘Supernatural’

One of the main characters, Dean Winchester is a burger fanatic. There is almost no episode without eating a burger. And damn he makes eating a burger look good!

So since this series is one of the MANY American series I’m obsessed with right now, watching Dean eat burgers has made me crave for burgers constantly. Weird right?

What better place to go get a burger than Overeasy?

Overeasy has become a popular place for people to get top notch American comfort food, like the good ol’ MAc & Cheese or a bangin’ burger. This eatery is know to have the ‘best burgers in town’ as quoted by The Straits Times.

Think mouth-watering diner classics, nostalgic crowd favourites, decadent milkshakes and American-inspired cocktails. Whether it’s a Spiked Milkshake morning or Mac & Cheeks kind of night, these seriously sexy buns will take you from AM to PM.

You’ll believe it when you try it. Trust me.

Everything about Overeasy shouts American Diner from the list of food on the menu to the interior. So if you can’t experience the one in States, head on down to town and experience it first hand. They have two branches, one in Fullerton and one in Orchard.

I ordered the spicy buffalo wings ($10) at the most spicy level: crazy mofo!! And damnnnn was it spicy! I could feel the heat coming out from my ears like a cartoon character.

I had the “To Die For” burger ($19), which is literally…….to die for, if you can guess it. I had my patty cooked medium rare as I always like my patty to be a bit softer. And OH MY GAWDDDD, it was so sinful! It was like heaven on earth!

I didn’t get to try the Bacon Avocado Toast ($12), but it didn’t look too bad.

At OverEasy, they take their comfort food seriously. Served alongside a healthy dose of nostalgia, Overeasy lovesmessing with the classics and kicking things up a notch. Familiar but never boring.

The food will just make your mouth water!

So if you’re into burgers and basically the whole American Diner experience, just head on down to Overeasy.

Sydney (2017)

As mentioned in my Byron Bay post, after four days spent in Byron Bay, we took a 13-hour overnight bus to Sydney. It was quite an experience for both my Mum and I as we’ve never taken such a long bus journey before.

We arrived in Sydney on 28th March morning and went straight to our Airbnb to drop off our luggages. And off we went to our very first destination: Devon Cafe! Last year, when I was in Sydney with Shah, the first cafe we went to when we arrived, was also Devon Cafe. Guess it’s mandatory?


As always, the food at Devon Cafe was superb! Definitely recommend this cafe to those visiting Sydney.

Dessert was my fave ice cream in the world (that’s right, THE WORLD!!), Aqua S!!!! It’s so good to be back at Aqua S! Every time I look at my Sydney photos, there are two things I miss the most. Aqua S and the grilled scallops from the Sydney Fish Market.

Ended the day at Bronte Beach. We tried walking from Bronte Beach to Bondi Beach via the beach walkway but somehow we got lost. After walking an hour, we weren’t even halfway to our destination. We gave up and decided to uber.

Got my 6th tattoo in my fave city in the world! Alis Volat Propriis, which is Latin for “she flies with her own wings”. I think Latin is so sexy, don’t ya think?


Day 2, we managed to sleep in till afternoon, considering we didn’t sleep much on our bus ride here.

We spent the entire day at Bondi Beach. Getting lunch at Harry’s Bondi, which serves one of the best organic food. They even have organic coke! How dope!

Did some suntanning on the beach, before grabbing some ice cream at Gelatissimo.

We ended our day by watching the sunset at Bondi Icebergs.

Our trip to Sydney was a short one. We spent three days in total. On our last day there, I brought Mum to the Sydney Fish Market.

I’m drooling…….

We did a little shopping (okay not a little, it’s actually a lot lol) at QvB (Queen Victoria Building).

And finally (and I mean finally!!!), after searching for so long, I’ve found Doux Amour Patisserie!

Bought the cutest puffs everrrrrrrr!

And that was how we ended an amazing and awesome trip: with cute and equally tasty food!

Can’t wait for more adventures 🙂