With the arrival of spring, I’ve decided to create a lookbook perfect for the new season. 

When I was living in Shanghai for a few years, spring was my favourite season. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. And I enjoyed the fact that beautiful flowers started blooming again. It’s like a scene out of a movie where the character just lies on the grass to admire the beautiful just bloomed flowers everywhere.

So let’s get creative, shall we?

Lately, I’m obsessed with outfits that has some floral designs or that gives a boho vibe. Reminds me of the time I spent in Byron Bay. A very laid back and effortlessly chic look. Maybe my inner bohemian is trying to rise?

Look 1: 

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Funny enough, this pair of heels were not my first choice. However, Demon had destroyed the other pair of heels that morning so I decided to go with Plan B, which now that I look at it, is a better choice that the pair I was planning to wear.

Look 2:


Look 3:


One of my fave dresses by Neonmello. Sadly, they don’t sell it anymore.

Look 4:


Another one of my fave dresses at the moment. I got this in JB’s Cotton On.

Like I said, super boho.

Look 5:


Got my bubba to join me! 

There were so many people shooting there that day and Snow was the main attention!

Look 6:

IMG_1168IMG_1182 2

An impromptu trip to the Botanic Gardens.

Hope you guys enjoyed this lookbook!




Summer is coming

Know the famous Games of Throne phrase? “Winter is coming.” Well sorry Starks, Summer is coming, or has officially arrived.

It’s Summer all year round in Singapore so what the heck! I do wish we have four seasons. When I was living overseas for four years, it was the best as I got to experience spring, summer, autumn and winter. The joy of experiencing the change of seasons, as a child, was full of wonderment. Seeing the leaves change to red and falling all around in our garden, or seeing snow on a Christmas morning and being filled with awe.

Those were the times….

Not to mention each season you get an excuse to buy new wears. Such a pity at that age, I was more interested in playing soccer with the boys than what I was wearing. Yup I was 100% a tomboy. Even now, I am considered more boyish than my group of girlfriends.

So for those who are celebrating the welcome of summer, it’s time to stock up on tank tops and shorts. And don’t forget lots and lots of swimsuits 🙂






Sun on my face, wind in my hair

‘I want to lay down, let the sun hit my face and forget about absolutely everything.’

The weather has been so gloomy lately, with heavy showers for days. So it was a blessing when the sun was out the day we went to Botanic Gardens.

To be able to walk around and explore different gardens like the Orchid Garden, within Botanic Gardens.

I wished Singapore had more gardens like this. Yes, it’s a garden city. But I’ve come to realise it’s too cosmopolitan.

So are you, dear readers, a cosmopolitan girl or a suburban girl?

I like to have the best of both worlds.

Romantic at heart

I can’t deny this but I’m definitely someone who likes to be more romanced. I mean I don’t know bouquets of flowers, just the small gestures like coming to my place to surprise me or when my man looks at me and say, ‘you know you’re beautiful right?’

 The Jet Set Diaries dress from Revolve totally represents the romantic me. Not only that, it makes me feel like a princess.

Every girl needs to invest in that one dress that makes them feel like royalty. Head to Revolve to take a look at the many brands provided. Revolve is every shopaholic’s heaven. There are just too many amazing brands that it’ll take you days to look at every outfit. Not kidding.



Evaliah Grace

I’ve been following Hannah Polites for quite some time and I’m a huge fan of hers. And her baby, little Evaliah (she named the brand after her daughter) is just adorbs!

When Evaliah Grace (the brand) was first launched, I was obsessed with the details, very boho and feminine. I loved that the designs were unique, very different from other online stalls I’ve seen. The outfits had sexy cuts, but they aren’t too revealing.

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I ordered the Alexis Mini Knit Dress in grey, Natalie Bow Shorts in white and the Sleeveless Mimi Cutout Crop in Rose Quartz.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the outfits. The materials were of top quality, which I did not expect at all, considering how many online purchases I’ve made over the years.

By looking at the photos on Evaliah Grace’s website, you’ll probably think that the material is thick and the outfits are not wearable for Singapore’s weather. That’s what I thought so too about my Alexis Mini Knit Dress, but turns out it’s one of the most comfortable knit outfits I’ve ever worn!

So if you guys have not heard of this brand, I definitely recommend that you checkout Hannah’s website! I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the simple yet feminine outfits Evaliah Grace has to offer.



Tobi Dress

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Chose something romantic for date night with my Boo.

I think many women can attest to this, when you have too many clothes, you may end up forgetting you even got certain outfits hiding in your closet. This Tobi outfit is one of he many outfits I forgotten was there. I wore it once in Cebu two years ago, and after that it laid in the back of my closet, untouched.

The dress is more fitting at the top and flowy at the hem. I’m obsessed with the backless detail. Who’s not obsess with backless dresses/tops?

Shah and I explored all over Dempsey to find a good place for our monthsary date, but everywhere was packed due to Mother’s Day. We ended up heading to town for some Japanese food.


We had a really good talk during dinner, evaluating our relationship. I think it’s good for couples to evaluate their relationships regularly, what makes the other party happy or unhappy, etc. It works for Shah and I, allowing us to understand each other better and how we can improve our relationship.




SPELL Byron Bay

I’m super obsessed with SPELL & The Gypsy Collective. The fact that I was in Byron Bay, was the perfect opportunity for me to visit the shop itself.

The interior just shouts ‘GYPSY’ and ‘Bohemian’, with little trinket displays. I stepped into the shop and just gave a little sigh and muttered to myself, ‘This is heaven.’ Legit.

The staff were really helpful and friendly too. Anytime I had questions about their products, they were happy to help.

I was so in love with everything there, but lemme tell you, it was the intimates that I was fawning over.

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I got myself the Blue Skies Bralette and Bloomers, both in black. I wished I had purchased other sets, but I think there’s a big enough hole in my wallet. Don’t wanna make it bigger now, do we?

It’s definitely a good investment. Not only is the set very feminine and unique, but it is absolutely comfortable to wear.

Every lady should invest in at least one good set of intimates 😉