Valentine’s Day

‘Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.’

-Robert  A. Heinlein

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember, you don’t have to wait for this day to show your appreciations to your loved ones, be it b/g relationships, family members or friends. Everyday is Valentine’s Day. Not saying you have to buy expensive gifts everyday or bring your loved ones to high-end restaurants to tell them you love them. Just the simple ‘thank you’s and ‘I love you’s will show them how much they mean to you. Or a warm hug. It’s the little things that count just as much or even more than the physical gifts.

For this special day, my Boo brought me to Whitegrass for a meal. Whitegrass is chef-owner Sam Aisbett’s first restaurant venture, showcasing his distinctive and personal interpretation of modern Australian cuisine. The restaurant presents a contemporary fine dinning experience at heritage-listed CHIJMES, one of Singapore’s most iconic locations.

We were very lucky to have been able to talk to Sam. He brought out a dish which he specially made that day. Sam was really nice to explain to us the key ingredients of the dish. It was more of a Japanese-styled Bibimbap, and tasted really superb!

Sam is part of a new generation of Australian chefs who are transforming the notions of Modern Australian food with his flavor-driven approach to international ingredients with a distinctly Asian touch. The results? You get yourself a wonderful, unique and colorful meal, which you probably can’t find anywhere else in Singapore.

The first bite of every dish Shahrul and I ordered, we were pleasantly surprised. One of that was the slow roasted young beetroots, smoked eel cream, rosella jam, Tasmanian pepper berry. I wasn’t so sure about the dish since it came with beetroot, but I thought why not try something different. Turns out, mixed with the cream, jam and pepper berry, the beetroots were beyond amazing! Each dish showed how talented and creative the chefs at whitegrass are.


Slow roasted young beetroots, smoked eel cream, rosella jam, Tasmania pepper berryjSONY DSC

Lightly marinated yellowtail amberjack, green apple dashi, horseradish cream, pickled choko, young herbs, frozen wasabiSONY DSC

Australian Saltbush lamb, white carrot puree, kale, pickled caper leaves, mustard fruits


Roasted red sea bream, celeriac “risotto”, Japanese land seaweed, umami brothSONY DSC

Australian berries, young coconut mousse, lychee granita, dried milkSONY DSC

Cardamom infused egg custard, sugar coated peanuts, sesame, crystallised ginger, lemon ice creamSONY DSCSONY DSC

Every dish was explained in details by the waiters/waitresses.

Hope you guys had an amazing Valentine’s Day 🙂