Explore Nusa Ceningan In A Day: The Highlights

Nusa Ceningan is the smallest, nestled between Lembongan and Penida. While it’s not nearly as popular as Nusa Lembongan, it’s quieter and has less traffic.

You can take travel by motorbike from Lembongan to Ceningan via the famous yellow bridge.

It’s pretty easy to explore the highlights of Nusa Ceningan within a day! Some of the popular places include the famous The Sand Nusa Ceningan, the Blue Lagoon and Mahana Point Jump Cliff.

The Sand 


The Sand Ceningan is setting the scene with cool island vibes and its own take on beach-side lounging.  Located on the waterfront of Nusa Ceningan, this latest hot spot has been inspired by a local who loves a good time and knows how to share his passion for life with others.

Laze on lounges, dip in the crystal clear waters, hang out on the canoe hammock or sip cocktails on the swings…. there is no better place to get into holiday mode.

Open for all day dining, stay for the day or come at sunset as the sun kisses the ocean and your plan your next day in paradise.

img_2721 (16)img_2738 (17)img_2764IMG_2794 (19).JPG

Blue Lagoon


The Nusa Ceningan Blue Lagoon is a rocky cove of the brightest blue water I’ve ever seen! I was amazed by the beautiful colour of the water and this amazing little cove.

Did you know you can cliff jump at Nusa Ceningan Blue Lagoon? Fellow adrenaline-junkies, this is for you!! There are relatively safe jumps from heights of 4m, 6m, 8m and 13.5m. To get out of the water once you are in you will swim to your right back towards the coast and clamber up the cliffs when you find a gap in the waves. If the swell looks too big maybe save the jump for another day as you don’t want to get stuck unable to get out. Make sure you assess the conditions thoroughly before jumping here as getting out can be dangerous.

*PS, I wasn’t that brave to do a cliff jump! Plus it was high tide.

img_5718img_5721 (50)

Mahana Point Jump Cliff

Another highlight of Nusa Ceningan? Mahana Point Jump Cliff! It is another great spot on the Nusa Islands for cliff jump and surfing. Unlike Nusa Ceningan Blue Lagoon, at Mahana Point Jump Cliff, there is better access with ladders installed at the cliffs.

 A small bar sits on the point overlooking the surf break and has a 10m and 5m platform to jump off. However, you have to pay per jump. It’s 25000 rupiah (SGD 2.50) for the 5m jump and 50,000 rupiah (SGD 5) for the 10m jump.

Mahana Point Jump Cliff is a pretty cool place to spend the rest of your day there, relaxing, having some drinks and finger food and watch the epic sunset!






Nusa Lembongan: All You Need To Know

Nusa Lembongan is around 8km square in size, surrounded by the clearest turquoise water imaginable, and is the most popularly travelled of the three islands. It is connected to its neighbouring island of Nusa Ceningan by a yellow bridge that was actually rebuilt after tragically collapsing in October 2016. You can definitely include Nusa Ceningan in your Nusa Lembongan day trip.

Some beaches in Nusa Lembongan are populated by boats, others are teeming with coral and marine life. Others still remain deserted. There is only a population of 5000 on this island, which hardly requires a transport system of any kind so visitors have to rely on renting a bike or car, to travel around.

Nusa Lembongan is actually the first Nusa islands that became popular with tourists. The island provides a perfect balance between raw beauty, relaxation and adventure.

Between Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, I would say the hotels at Lembongan are much nicer. In terms of sightseeing however, I think Nusa Penida has a higher advantage.

So, are you planning a trip to Nusa Lembongan? Or hope to visit the island one day? Do not fret, this blog post will give you all the information you need to know for your Nusa Lembongan day trip!


Getting to Nusa Lembongan is easy! You can take the ferry from Sanur straight to the island. A mere 45 minutes ferry ride and you will arrive in paradise! Another way is you can spend some time in Nusa Penida and then take a 15-minute boat ride over. As mentioned in my previous post on Nusa Penida, there are many ferry companies that provide trips from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida. Just make sure to book your tickets in advance. For the boat ride from Penida to Lembongan, you don’t actually need to get a ticket in advance. Once you arrive at the harbour, you can actually just purchase your ticket from the staff there.

A Nusa Lembongan day trip isn’t complete without visiting the famous Devil’s Tears! As one of the most popular spots on the island, Devil’s Tears is a can’t miss! This amazing place features some of the most intense waves ever! You’ll get to witness the raw and unforgiving power of mother nature as the enormous waves continuously hit the cove, creating a massive ocean explosion and mist. What an mesmerising sight to see! This is one place you cannot miss out during your Nusa Lemobongan day trip!!

IMG_5602 (47).JPGIMG_5613.JPGIMG_5582.JPGIMG_5619 (48).JPG

After spending a hot morning at Devil’s Tears, you can relax at 3 Monkeys Pool & Bar, and enjoy a drink by the pool. If you’re a fan of shisha like me, this bar is the only place in Nusa Lembongan that sells it!

IMG_5637.JPGIMG_2714.JPGimg_5702 (49)




Top Must-See Places In Nusa Penida: Day Tour

There are many places to explore when in Nusa Penida. The West is more popular as there are more places to explore, however the East is just as beautiful but with fewer visitors.

Nusa Penida Island is quite large compared to Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. Just traveling from the East to the West takes about two hours. Therefore you may want to consider spending 2-3 nights on the island if you would like to see all of the points of interest without having to rush.

West of Nusa Penida

Kelingking Beach

img_3684 (15)img_3711 (16)

Ah the famous ‘T-Rex’!

Kelingking Beach is a hidden beach in the village of Bunga Mekar, on the southwestern coast of Nusa Penida island. You can enjoy one of the most breath-taking views over the hills and small strip of white sand from atop a hill of the same name. The sight features a limestone headland covered in green, against the deep blue waters of the open Indian Ocean.

Kelingking has been on my to-do list for ages and to finally be able to see it with my own eyes was pure magical! It is as beautiful as everyone says it is! The water was so clear and a turquoise colour I’ve never seen anywhere else!

Even though there were many people when I arrived, I felt a sense of serenity and awe at seeing this magical part of the island.


Now, besides the famous ‘T-Rex’, Kelingking is also known for its steep cliff and the difficult hike down to its secluded beach.

Mind you, that hike is not for the faint-hearted! The ‘stairs’ are so broken up with barely any railings for support! Half-way down, it doesn’t even feel like a hike anymore. It felt like rock climbing, except I didn’t have any protective gears and I was wearing slippers!

A little precaution, wear hiking shoes or sports shoes if you’re going for this hike! I did not expect it to be the worse hike in my life and was not prepared for it! I left Kelingking Beach with cuts and bruises all over my legs and a nasty sunburn from head to toe, and I mean literally! My scalp was sunburnt as well!

Did I mention it took us three hours to get down and go back up? Yeah talk about torture! Especially since a quarter of the way back up, I finished my bottle of water! Under that mid-afternoon sun, that was a big no no! I was lucky because one guy gave me his bottle of beer. I’m not really a beer drinker but that beer was the best thing ever!

But hey, it was a jolly good experience even though I was almost in tears! I will definitely think twice the next time I say YOLO and decide to take that hike!

img_2583 (10)

Broken Beach

img_3635 (14)

Broken Beach also known as Pasih Uug Beach, is a scenic coastal formation on the southwestern edge of Nusa Penida. The spot is marked by a hilly arch-like rock formation, which is the distinguishable landmark of the area. Set over the crashing waves of the open Indian Ocean, Broken Beach is a great spot for travel photographers and panoramic view seekers.

If you’re lucky, you may spot silhouettes of giant mantas near the surface of the deep blue water.


I like to say that in order to get to Broken Beach, you’ll have to go through the broken road. Seriously.

The broken road is the worse area to drive in Nusa Penida, and I would recommend using a bike to get to your destination.

I got there before 9am and it was completely deserted. I could enjoy the beauty of Broken Beach, take as many pictures I want, and not have to worry about a crowd.


Angel Billabong


About an 8-minute walk from Broken Beach, Angel Billabong is another popular place to visit while in Nusa Penida.

Take extra caution at all times when descending into Angel’s Billabong. Avoid going down if it’s a high tide and don’t attempt to swim there during these times. There’s usually a security guard there to make sure that tourists do not go near the water during high tide.

Sadly, I was underwhelmed by Angel Billabong the second time I visited. Due to low tide, the water was really murky. The previous time I visited, it was high tide, which meant no swimming. But the water was so clear and blue. I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds.

Tembeling Forest & Beach


Now this is one place in Nusa Penida where you can swim and not worry about high tide.

If you’re arriving by car, you will need to rent a bike at the entrance as the road to Tembeling Natural Pool is only big enough for a bike.

With Nusa Penida’s hot weather, you’ll definitely want to cool down here!

There are about 100 stairs down to the natural pool, but don’t worry, unlike Kelingking, these are legit stairs.

I was lucky to have the whole pool to myself and was able to just relax in the refreshingly cool water.

East of Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach & Atuh Beach


Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is located on the far most eastern point of Nusa Penida island. It is the next beach over from another Nusa Penida gem known as Atuh Beach.

Located at the bottom of a sheer cliff, Diamond Beach was previously inaccessible to the public and could only be enjoyed from above. But that’s all changed. Locals have built stairs that goes all the way down to the beach. However, like Kelingking, some parts of the stairs doesn’t seem to be completed. There is a rope that you can cling onto when climbing down. The hardest part is actually once you make it down to the ground, where you’ll need to navigate your way through the huge rocks. It was a tough hike down towards the end, but compared to Kelingking, this was a walk in the park.

However, the raw beauty of it all will make the hike worth it!

After that, you can have a more relaxed time at Atuh Beach,  where you’ll find sunbeds, bean bags and a series of warungs serving food and drink.

img_2808img_2821img_2881 (21)

Nusa Penida Treehouse Rumah Pohon

img_2576 (9)img_2567 (7)

Perched on the cliff at Thousand Island viewpoint near Atuh Beach, this treehouse is actually an Airbnb!

Like many of the famous locations in Nusa Penida, a short hike of 15 minutes is required to reach Rumah Pohon. However, under the hot, unforgiving sun, it feels like ages to reach the treehouse!

Tourists who aren’t staying at the treehouse are also allowed to explore and take some pretty epic pictures!



How to go to Nusa Penida

img_3839 (17)

There is only one way to get to Nusa Penida from Bali, and that is by ferry from Sanur terminal. There are so many ferry companies that you’ll be spoilt for choices!

Here is the list of ferry operators that goes to Nusa Penida…

There are all kinds of deals for those traveling in pairs or groups. It is slightly more expensive if you’re a solo traveler like me.

I would definitely recommend booking your ferry tickets in advance as there are times when it gets fully booked really fast.

Transportation in Nusa Penida


Tourists in Nusa Penida can either rent a car or motorbike to explore the island. The cars usually come with a driver, but with a bike, you have the option of self drive or getting a driver. Just keep in mind that the roads in Nusa Penida are uneven and narrow, and signage can be a problem.

Essentials for the island life

img_2566 (6)img_2552img_2639

Now, SPF is a 1000% MUST! I did not reapply my sunscreen for half a day and got as red as a lobster! No joke! My driver called me lobster since that day. Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses for extra protection!

Make sure you have the right footwear if you’re going to places like Kelingking. I wore my slippers for that climb and it wasn’t pretty!

Swimsuits cos duhhhh, you wanna have a good time tanning! And honestly, it’s so hot in Nusa Penida, that sometimes I explored the island in just my bikini top and shorts.

Most of the tourist attractions require entrance fee of 50,000 rupiah (SGD 0.50). It’ll be great if you have some small change when you explore the island.


Where to stay in Nusa Penida


As I was exploring the island, I saw so many new hotels being constructed. Nusa Penida is getting more and more popular with tourists, there are so many options to choose from; Airbnb, hotels and guesthouses. There are so many choices that will certainly fit your budget!






Why Bali has the best cafes

There are so many cafes in Bali, that you might wonder, which are the must-go cafes in Bali?

Have no fear, because in this post, I will be sharing with you my top places that are worth visiting!

Coffee Cartel

IMG_2281 (23)IMG_2218 (22)

Have you seen pictures of coffee with cute designs on it? Well, Coffee Cartel is the place where you can get a cup of coffee with a customised design! Now this is why Coffee Cartel is on my list of must-go cafes in Bali!

Located in the heart of seminyak, Coffee Cartel also serves an amazing variety of food! You’ll have a wide option of all day breakfast and all day lunch! My personal fave? The double royal with cheese burger! The beef patty is so soft and juicy, it literally melts in your mouth! Yum!

Nothing is priced above 100k rupiah! You’ll get to enjoy a delicious meal that is not only insta-worthy but is wallet-friendly.

Don’t forget to check the side wall of the cafe! There’s a really pretty pink mural that you’ll definitely need a shot with.

Address: 08 Jalan Lebak Sari, Petitenget, Seminyak, 80361 

Opening hours: 7am – 6pm (daily)

Kynd Community

IMG_5054.JPGIMG_5062.JPGIMG_5080.JPGIMG_5066.JPGIMG_5069 (33).JPG

Now a trip to Bali isn’t complete without visiting Kynd Community!

Omg if you haven’t heard about one of Bali’s must-go cafes, which rock have you been hiding in?

Kynd Community is one cafe that you cannot miss when you’re in Bali!

Like Coffee Cartel, Kynd Community is also located in Seminyak.

The plant-based cafe proofs that vegan food can not only look good and careful, but is just as tasty!

Lemme tell ya, I’ve tried many vegan cafes in different countries, and I’ve never left one feel satisfied or full. The food was expensive and it tasted awful!

Kynd Community has renewed my faith in vegan food! Hence, it’s on my list of must-go cafes in Bali!

Address: Jalan Raya Petitenget No12x, Bali

Opening hours: 6am – 5pm (breakfast & lunch), 6:30pm – 10pm (dinner)


Strawberry Fields

IMG_5025 (29).JPGIMG_5017.JPGIMG_5035 (30).JPGIMG_5037.JPG

How does a huge bowl of beer battered fries with bacon and melted cheese sound?

When I heard that Strawberry Fields offered their specialty loaded fries, I was drooling! I could not wait to get my hands on them!

There’s such a huge variety of food being offered. If you’re a health nut, you get vitality bowls, healthy smoothies, juices, etc.

However, if you’re like me, and want a decadent meal, you’re spoilt for choices! There’s their huge a** burgers that I didn’t know where to begin eating! The garlic prawns in truffle was absolutely foodgasm! And you have to try the monster shakes! I got The Cookie Monstershake and was hooked!

Plus points? The staff are really friendly there and this places oozes comfy vibes. Did I mention they have a pool table?

Strawberry Fields should definitely be on your list of must-go cafes in Bali!

Address: Jalan Batu Belig 77, Gang. Anisa, Kuta Utara, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 8036

Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm (daily)


Neon Palms

IMG_2967 (1).JPG

When I first stepped into Neon Palms, I felt like I stepped into a safari with the African-themed murals.

Want a little retail therapy before or after your meal? Fear not! Neon Palms is located right about Bali Boat Shed Boutique!

I brought a friend to this lovely cafe for a meal and we were there a little too early. The cafe hadn’t opened yet. I managed to sneak in a little shopping before we headed upstairs for our breakfast.

This beautiful place is perfect for a cocktail and some tapas with a touch of tropical vibes!

Address: Cnr of Jalan Kayu Aya & Jalan Kayu Jati Seminyak, Bali

Opening Hours: 8am – midnight (daily)


IMG_4224.JPGIMG_4268 (11)IMG_4270IMG_8345

Balibola is a flexitarian cafe that is known for is instagrammable back drop like “Balifornia Dreamin'” and colourful food!

What does flexitarian mean?

Well, by definition, it is a plant-based diet which occasionally includes meat. In Balibola’s case, they serve fish.

The name Balibola comes from the word “bola”, which means ball in both Spanish and Bahasa. Spain is where the idea of creating delicious savoury balls of wholesome vegetarian goodness was born.

Balibola’s dishes are inspired  by staple meals all around the world and are carerfully crafted to taste as authentic as can be – just meatless.

The pop of pastel colours, food and exterior, will definitely attract you back for more!

Address: Jalan Petitenget No8x, Seminyak Bali

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 10pm (daily)

Cafe Organic


I’ve heard so much of Cafe Organic but I was only able to visit this cafe during my last trip.

Cafe Organic offers health conscious vegetarian meals with a passion for simple dishes using fresh, locally farmed produce.

Cafe Organic has three branches; Petitenget, Canggu and Umalas.

I am obsessed with the Bao Bun, which is pulled marinated jackfruit, coriander, cucumber chili, tamari hoi sin and coconut bacon. The hoi sin tasted so good, I wanted to order seconds!

The smoothie bowls and chia cups were just as tasty! You wouldn’t want to miss it!

Adresses: Jln. Petitenget 99x Seminyak Bali
Jln. Batu Bolong 58x Canggu Bali
Jln. Umalas 1 Kerobokan Bali

Opening Hours: 7am – 6pm (daily)

The Shady Shack Bali

IMG_3932 (3).JPG

Finally venturing out of the cafes in Seminyak, we have one from Canggu that has made it to my list of must-go cafes in Bali!

Dear readers, rejoice if you’re a vegetarian cos Shady Shack is another vegetarian cafe in Bali!

Now, I went on an absolutely freakin’ hot day and was sweating like mad even before we got our table. But on a less hot day, you can sit outdoors, enjoy a cup of coffee…or coconut, and enjoy the view of the rice field just opposite!

I wonder why didn’t I visit this quaint cafe during my previous trip to Bali, when I actually stayed in Canggu.

We ordered the nachos for sharing, and good gracious, it was addictive! Partly due to Shady Shack’s house-made chilli sauce. It was so good, I actually asked the waiter if we could buy the sauce. Sadly, they don’t sell it.

I would have ordered more food if not for the fact that we arrived at Shady Shack with a half -full tummy! But I’m pretty sure the other dishes are just as good as the nachos!

Address: Jl. Tanah Barak No.57, Canggu, Bali

Operating Hours: 8:30am – 11pm (daily)


Cabina Bali


My last must-go to cafe in Bali is Cabina Bali! Well, technically it’s not a cafe but if you’re in Bali, you definitely can’t miss the floating breakfast that it’s known for!

Cabina is designed in such a way where it reminds you of a tropical paradise, with all the lush palm trees, cactuses and wooden deck chairs.

We ordered the tropical floating brunch, which includes 2 drinks per person; a coffee or tea, and a mocktail. We were given a fruit platter, 2 mains and 2 sweet and sour dishes.

My personal favourite? Mac Daddy Croissant! Cos who doesn’t love a good Mac & Cheese?

Cabina Bali is the perfect place to spend the day! Enjoy a hearty brunch and get some Vitamic D by the pool!

Now this is what I call a vacation!

Address: Jalan Gang Daksina No 01,
Batu Belig, Kerobokan, Denpasar 8031 

Opening Hours: 8am – 7pm (daily)


I hope you guys enjoyed my list of must-go cafes! I do hope you have the chance to visit some of these cafes while in Bali! Also, if you have any other cafe recommendations, please share with me in the comments.






One Week in Bali: The Ultimate Adventure and Guide

When I tell people I love taking solo trips, they look at me like I’m nuts! Like, “Hellooo, you’re a woman and it’s not safe to be traveling alone!”

Yes, I agree there are more risks when it comes to female solo travelers and more precautions need to be taken, but I believe that if you have done a very thorough research on your destination and prepare the necessities, you’ll be more prepared should any problem arise. *touch wood

This isn’t my very first solo trip. Click here to read about my first solo in Cambodia!

Nevertheless, I still felt anxiety and nervousness about being alone in a foreign country! I was afraid that like my last solo trip, I might get severe food poisoning, which was hellish and miserable! I thought of basically every negative scenario that might happen to a woman during a solo trip!

But even still, it did not stop me from feeling a sense of excitement when I started my journey as a solo traveller.


Much as I love traveling with people, a solo trip gives me a sense of freedom. I get to go to places I want without having to worry about what the other person wants to do. Whether I want to start the day freaking early or late. Plus, I get to decide how long I wanna spend on each location visited.

 I’m gonna share with you a guide to my Bali solo trip….

La Laguna Bali

IMG_2438 (1).JPG

The perfect place to have a nice meal while enjoying the sunset. Stepping into this gypsy inspired beach club, I felt like I wasn’t in Bali anymore. I got a very bohemian and vintage vibe when I arrived.

Located in Canggu, the bar/restaurant is pretty secluded. The venue’s ornate wooden caravans are the main attraction! Did you know you can have your palm read by a psychic in one of these caravans?

The day I visited, La Laguna Bali was holding a private movie screening and they recently held a gypsy flea market, which I’m pretty disappointed to have missed it!

The Udaya Resorts & Spa

Located within the lush greenery of Ubud, you’ll get to enjoy a sense of serenity here at Udaya.

I’ve always heard such great raves about the spa and told myself that I had to visit the next time I was in Bali.

With a wide range of traditional spa treatments, guests will be utterly spoilt!

I was completely amazed and impressed with the layout at the spa. Plus, the service was really as mentioned, top-notch! The staff treated me like a Queen, making sure I was comfortable in my own private suite, spoiling me with different choices of essential oils and omg the floral bath was out of this world!

I’ve never felt this rejuvenated and well-rested after my 2-hour treatment! Trust me when I say, I did not want to leave at all!!

If you’re keen on going to The Udaya just for a spa, I highly recommend you make a booking as early as possible, as they are pretty much always fully booked.

Ujung Water Palace

IMG_2463 (3).JPGIMG_2489IMG_2526 (5)

Taman Ujung Water Palace is one place in the East of Bali that you have to go visit!

Located in the village of Seraya in Karangasem regency, it is actually the sister site of Tirta Ganga, which I will share with you below.

It was a long drive from Seminyak to the water palace, but along the way, you get to enjoy the amazing view of Mount Agung.

Ujung Water Palace was first built by Raja l Gusti Bagus Djelantik in 1919. According to Rajux, my Bali driver/ tour guide, many of his descendants are still around and live in Indonesia.

Did you know the Water Palace is a combination of Balinese and European architecture? That’s because Bali was once occupied by the Dutch. I was pretty wonderstruck by the whole place and thoroughly enjoyed reading about Raja l Gusti Bagus Djelantik and his family.

If you’re interested in going to Ujung Water Palace and not having to deal with the crowd, I suggest being there before 10am. It gets crowded and hot around 11 in the day.

Tirta Ganga


Known as the favourite retreat during the regency of Karangasem, Tirta Ganga was built in 1946 by the late raja of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem.

The famous pond is where visitors can feed the fishes.

The springs in this area are considered holy by the locals and is used during religious ceremonies, as well as a source of potable water.

Like Ujung Water Palace, Tirta Gangga is usually quite crowded after 10am, and I made sure to be there earlier.

Pura Ulun Danu


This is one place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while!

The temple was built in the 17th century in worship of the main Hindu trinity, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, as well as the lake goddess, Dewi Danu. The sight and cool atmosphere of the Bali uplands have made the lake and this temple a favourite sightseeing and recreational spot as well as a frequently photographed site.

Entering the temple gates, instantly noticeable are the typical Balinese architectural features and the tiered shrines. Inside the complex, the three main shrines are dedicated to the worship of god Vishnu which boasts 11 tiers, god Brahma with seven 7 tiers and Shiva with three tiers.

As the temple was built on a rather low lying side of the lake, the floating effect is thus featured when the lake’s water levels rise. Funny thing was, when I arrived, the pond was dried up and people could literally walk over!

I asked Rajux if visitors are allowed to enter the temple and he said it can only be accessed by those partaking in holy ceremonies. Visitors who want to enter the temple for prayer purposes, have to seek permission and be dressed in their traditional Balinese wear.

I hope this post will encourage you to visit Bali, be it solo or not! I was there for two weeks but felt that the period was too short. Luckily, I’ll be heading back in less than 2 weeks! Super excited to show my friend around this beautiful place, as it’s her first time!

If you’re looking for a driver in Bali, contact Rajux on Facebook, email him at rajuxbali@yahoo.co.id or whatsapp him at +62 853 3339 5191.



Pangea Dreams Bali Retreat: Daydreaming in Paradise

What is a Pangea Dreams Blogger Retreat?

Founded by Tracy Komlos (@tracy_komlos), Pangea Dreams started out as a content creation agency, combining the creation of beautiful, amazing content with traveling.

Now, Pangea Dreams include retreats for creative and entrepreneurial women who share like-minded goals in carefully-selected destinations.

Fun Fact: Pangea Dreams is the original blogger retreat!

The Pangea Dreams Blogger Retreat includes workshops like Media Kit Creation (my fave), Hotel + Brand collaborations, motivational talks by inspiring hosts, and many more.

The name ‘Pangea’ is derived from Ancient Greek pan and Gaia. was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras.

The goal of Pangea Dreams Blogger Retreat is to bring women from different countries, together and become a strong supporting unit for one another. In other words, we are one big family of strong, independent women.

I’ve known about the Pangea Dreams Blogger Retreat for a while now, and was always interested in joining. However, timing was always an issue due to school. It was fate that I got a message from them last year, asking if I would be interested in joining. Of course, I couldn’t turn down such an amazing opportunity. I wanted to improve my photography and content creation skills. Plus, how can I say no when it’s held in Bali!! One of my fave places to be!

Fast forward to October this year, I was in a plane, anxious and excited to meet the 20 girls who, not to be dramatic, changed my life forever. Ps, it was the biggest retreat Pangea Dreams has ever held!

I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends and was honestly quite overwhelmed by such a big group. But the minute I arrived at The Chillhouse, everyone was so welcoming and just giving me hugs! (Just typing this out made me tear up as I miss my Pangea fam so much!!!

During that week, I felt completely at ease and at home with my new family. We started the mornings with a yoga session. Did I mention that the Pangea team asked me to teach my very first yoga class?! Holy cow, I was so nervous! But everyone was so nice for all the encouragements, and it made me more determined to get my instructor cert to start teaching. Thank you Tracy, Lauren, Carly, Sam and Deddeh for giving me this beautiful opportunity!

I was completely blown away during the workshops! I was able to learn so many new things during these sessions. It’s just mind-blowing! Because of the skills and knowledge I’ve learnt, I am given the opportunity to collaborate with hotels in Iceland next February!

A note to ladies who are interested in joining the retreat, bring tissues during the motivational workshops! There’s gonna be tears, and no one is “spared”! Deddeh’s workshop on self-love made me bawled and open up about things I hardly share. (Lemme just grab a tissue to dab my tears! Be right back!)

Ok now where were we? Oh yes, the motivational workshops! I suggest bringing two packets of tissues in case the other ladies need them. Remember, sharing is caring!

At the Pangea Dreams Blogger Retreat, doors of opportunity will open up to you! I’ve made life-long friends, I’ve grew as a person (emotionally and spiritually) and I’ve gained knowledge that I wouldn’t have been able to learn on my own. I left the retreat as a total goal-oriented boss babe!!

So ladies, if you’re interested in joining the next Pangea Dreams Blogger Retreat, don’t hesitate and go for it! I am so glad I did! You can also follow them, @pangeadream, on Instagram, to find out more!



2016 travel lookbook

And just like that, with a snap of your fingers, it’s the last day of January! Wow! First month of the year already gone?!

Well, here’s a recap of my travel adventures in 2016:

Tokyo (January):

First trip of 2016 with my mum and sis. It’s so good to go somewhere cold. Makes me miss the freezing weather and I think I should plan to go somewhere this year to experience winter again.

Macau & Hong Kong (April)

First time traveling with my grandaunt and granduncle. Was also joined by my grandma and aunt. Was utterly spoiled by them hehe 🙂

My cousin and her friend happened to be there too so we met up a couple of times.

Sydney (April/May)

Ahhh heading to my fav city in my fav country with my Boo! I miss this trip the most and how can I forget the mouth-watering food Sydney has to share. I can’t wait to move there!!

Bali (October)

This was the first time I got to travel on my birthday! And also the first time my Boo, Mum and I went on a trip together!


Port Dickson (November)

Brought my Mum for a short birthday trip.

Bangkok (December)

My last trip with my Boo in 2016!

Darwin (December/January)

2016 started with a girls’ trip with my Mum and sis, and it ended with another trip with them. A road trip!!


Hope you love my 2016 travel lookbook!!!