Surviving on coffee

It's been a stressful couple of weeks with assignments, projects, presentations, and repeat.

I still got a couple more to go before I can finally focus more on my revision for Semester exams. Thank God we only have two papers this sem!

And when that too is over…..MALDIVES!





Karma Bikinis

This is my second time working with Karma Bikinis.

I honestly love working with them. Antje is just the sweetest to talk to, and always very helpful. When I was asked to help the company again, I was so happy!

If you recall in previous post, Karma Bikinis is all about providing ethical, luxe swimwear.

7% of the proceeds goes to helping the conservation of the ocean. And I think that is such a beautiful and meaningful cause. There are so many marine life in the ocean and it just breaks my heart to read about news of a dolphin losing a fin because of our stupid actions, and many more.

So I hope you guys will take the time to explore the website and help two amazing sisters with their great cause.





Quick Getaway

A quick break was what I needed. Temporarily getting my mind off school and work.

My family and I spent 2D1N in Bintan. Some may say I should have extended the trip to 3D2N, but honestly I felt quite bored on the second day, so it was a good thing we were heading back that day.

But it was definitely a good R&R and spending some quality time with the fam. It’s been two years since we all went for a trip together!

Till the next holiday…..





Cool for the Summer

It’s been a while since we had a beach day. Now that exams are over, it was the perfect opportunity to spend the morning relaxing at the beach, having breakfast and just enjoying each other’s company.

We had a little company, in the form of Snowy, our dog-child. Poor Demon and Cookie (my husky and golden) were so jealous that we brought Snow instead of them. Demon even put his face in between the gates and started whining.

It was a beautiful day to be at the beach. And because we went there in the morning, we avoided the crowd.

As usual, Snowy was the star at the club. Everyone was going “ooh”s and “aah”s around her. She was behaving like the Queen. We had to carry her in a bag when she got tired of walking. Shah calls the bitch of the beach lol.

I wish we had more time there, but as usual it’s back to reality: errands and duties.

Hoping that the next beach day wouldn’t be too far away!






Recently, I visited Botanist for a leisure lunch. I was pretty hyped about it, for the fact that it is run by the same group behind Pacamara. Pacamara is considered to be one of my fave cafes so I had pretty high hopes for Botanist.

Described as a garden-themed cafe, Botanist serves the usual brunch classics.

When I first heard that it was a garden-themed cafe, my mind went to Epiphyte, another garden-themed cafe which I went to last year.

I was pretty disappointed to see that Botanist was barely designed like a garden. There was just a wall filled with leaves at the outdoor part of the cafe. And the whole place was just very cramped.

The food was not nice as I felt that it didn’t meet Pacamara’s standard. I was also quite disappointed to find that two of the dishes I wanted to order were out of the menu, even though they were clearly still in the menu. The only dish I enjoyed there was the brioche toast, which I could have just headed down to Pacamara to enjoy.

However the staff there were very nice, being courteous and helpful.

Overall, this cafe is the ‘been there and done that’ type. In my opinion, not really worth visiting a second time.





Comfort is Key

I always like to wear clothes that I’m comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable in an outfit, you’ll probably not feel confident.

The same thing with exercise, I like to wear workout outfits that make me comfortable and radiate with confidence. This is  especially important since you do a lot of movements when working out. You need to make sure your outfit does not hinder your movements.

So what is your go-to brands when it comes to working out?





Summer is coming

Know the famous Games of Throne phrase? “Winter is coming.” Well sorry Starks, Summer is coming, or has officially arrived.

It’s Summer all year round in Singapore so what the heck! I do wish we have four seasons. When I was living overseas for four years, it was the best as I got to experience spring, summer, autumn and winter. The joy of experiencing the change of seasons, as a child, was full of wonderment. Seeing the leaves change to red and falling all around in our garden, or seeing snow on a Christmas morning and being filled with awe.

Those were the times….

Not to mention each season you get an excuse to buy new wears. Such a pity at that age, I was more interested in playing soccer with the boys than what I was wearing. Yup I was 100% a tomboy. Even now, I am considered more boyish than my group of girlfriends.

So for those who are celebrating the welcome of summer, it’s time to stock up on tank tops and shorts. And don’t forget lots and lots of swimsuits 🙂