Darwin (2016)

Hello again! I’m lying in bed, enjoying a glass of Brown Brothers White Gold Moscato and reminiscing my recent trip to Darwin.

Boy, was it a roller coaster ride!

I should start at the beginning, when my flight was delayed for 10 hours! Then we reached Darwin airport to collect our rented car and realised that those below 25 years old, are considered underage. As such, we had to pay even more for the insurance, which increased our expenditure.

Our excitements diminished even more when we were told that due to wet season, many of the waterfall attractions were closed due to flooding and crocodile sightings.

We spent a total of 11 days (22nd Dec-1st Jan) in Darwin, going for road trips and exploring outside the city.

Right after arriving in Darwin, we immediately drove to Litchfield and stayed at Lake Bennett.

We only stayed for a night before heading even further out to Kakadu.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to visit any of the waterfalls as they were closed. We spent 4 nights there. Other than the trekking at Nourlangie Rock and the crocodile jumping tour, I was really bored. Tara and I even discussed taking a flight to Sydney to spend the rest of the holiday there. We weren’t joking. I even searched for flights that went to Sydney the very next day. That’s how bored we were. Some of you may know, I love Sydney. Like really LOVE. So much so that I’m moving there in a few years time. I can never say no to going to Sydney. Ahh the place of my dreams….

Ok enough daydreaming. Back to Darwin. Focus Nicole.

After our stay in Kakadu, we headed back into the city for the rest of our stay, and we were in dire need of Asian food!

We were supposed to head to Florence Falls, Tolmer Falls and Wangyi falls, at Litchfield. But due to the thunderstorm we had the night before, the roads were flooded. During our whole stay in the city, except for NYE evening, it was pretty much just thunderstorms and more thunderstorms.

I’m telling ya guys, don’t bother going to Darwin during wet season. Uh uh! You’ll miss out on everything and there’s no point risking your safety just to see some beautiful waterfalls. Well, unless you wanna get stuck in your car in the middle of a flooded dirt road, or get eaten by those really big fat crocs they have there. Just saying.

The day we cancelled our drive to the Litchfield Falls, we heard there were a group of tourists who thought it wise to try their luck. They ended up getting stranded in the flooded zone that was infested with salt water crocodiles, for an hour, until help came! And they were very lucky cos the only thing that stopped their car from going over the river, was a big fat rock!

And when we went to Nourlangie Rock for our trek, we drove past a bush fire! It was happening just right next to the attraction!

If you wanna go Darwin to see all the amazing stuff, go during dry season, like between June till October.

I have to be honest and say that I was very disappointed that I couldn’t visit the waterfalls. I mean when you’re in Darwin, you need to go visit them. So when you realise you can’t, it really really sucks.

Oh yes, you can swim in the waterfalls but not during wet season, unless you wanna make some reptile friends. Another bummer.

Staying in the city was a lot more relaxing. We didn’t have to wake up early to prepare for a long drive ahead, or worry about flooding along the road or any crocodile sightings.

We  basically went to the mall everyday, satisfied my Japanese food cravings, found some nice street art, braved through a very sudden heavy downpour on a jetty, and waited to see some sunsets that did not happen at all due to the cloudy skies.

Found this cool street art that had butts painted all over!

Food at Laneway was amazeballs!!


Mindil Beach is famous for stunning sunsets. Sadly, we weren’t able to witness it.


Oh yeah, did I mention we had breakfast in bed?!


Mandorah Jetty. The place where we got caught in the rain and were totally soaked to the bones.

Nightcliff Jetty, another place with amazing sunsets. And as usual, we didn’t get to see it due to the cloudy skies.

And ahh my favourite! Celebrating the end of another year and welcoming a new one. NYE!!


We were really lucky on NYE. It was supposed to rain during the evening and night, but thankfully it didn’t until we reached back our hotel. It was such a huge thunderstorm, the howling of the wind was so loud an frightening, and because of it, our flight going home, was delayed….again.

But we were so thankful that we could catch the fireworks. A good way to end this trip.







17 things you can do in 2017

Can you believe how fast time has flown? It’s now the second week of January!

Since it’s a New Year, why not start by making some goals. They don’t have to be over the top or difficult to achieve. We all know that a lot of the resolutions we make during each new year will just end up being forgotten about.

So I came up with this short, simple, sweet and exciting lists of things that we can all do for this year. I’m not gonna call it resolutions, it’ll just end up scaring some people.

You don’t have to do everything on the list. This is just some ideas to make your 2017 even more exciting and adventurous.

So here we go…….

17 things you can do in 2017:

  1. learn a new language. I’ve always wanted to learn another language. French is just so sexy. Don’t you think?
  2. Get a pet. They make the best companions. There are so many loving dogs and cats that you can rescue from your local pet shelter. They are a huge responsibility, but the love and joy you get from a pet is just unconditional.
  3. Have a picnic with a group of friends. Just relax with a book and a glass of wine. Share of platter of cheese and crackers with your group and just enjoy the moment. Even better, when you end the picnic with an awesome sunset. Heavenly.
  4. Explore local sights. You’ll be surprised by the hidden treasures you’ll find.
  5. Dress up your pets in cute costumes. You’ll thank me for it later.
  6. Suntan on the beach. Some Vitamins “Sea” and D is all you’ll need. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  7. Watch a movie alone. People are so afraid of doing things by themselves, without being judged.’Poor girl, she’s eating by herself’ or ‘poor girl, she’s watching a movie without a date or any friends’. But, me time is so important. Remember, ‘Me, Myself and I’. Sometimes, what you really need is some alone time, away from the crowd.
  8. Meditate.
  9. Join a sport.
  10. Give back to the poor. Help out at the old folks’ home.
  11. Volunteer at a shelter.
  12. Go for a backpacking trip or road trip.
  13. Clear your wardrobe. Time to get rid of the outfits you’ve never even worn before.
  14. Make new friends.
  15. Ditch bad ones.
  16. Show your love and support to your loved ones.
  17. Most importantly, and lastly, LOVE YOURSELF.



Bangkok (2016)

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a great 2017!

December was crrazzzyyyyy! Goodness two back to back travels!

I went to Bangkok with my Boo from 15th to 20th December. It was our last trip of 2016 and it was a lotta fun!

We went to Karmakamet Diner after checking into our hotel, for dinner.


The next day, we started out early to go shopping at Platinum Mall.

The ice cream at the mall was sooo good!

Tea was at After You Cafe and we had the Ferraro Shibuya Toast


And for dinner, we went for the famed boat noodles near Victory Monument.


On our third day in Bangkok, we went to Chatuchuk Market.

One cafe you definitely need to visit is True Love Cafe @Neverland. They have so many huskies there and it just made me miss my babies back home.

The next morning, we went to the Floating Market and breakfast on the boat. I ate my fav coconut ice cream while Shah had his spring rolls and pad thai.


We went to Toby’s for lunch and it was the best cafe we went to in Bangkok!

On our last day in Bangkok, we had breakfast at On Lok Yun. Best breakfast everrrrr!


And we went to Fill In The Blank Cafe for some tea….

I had a really great time in Bangkok with you Boo! The food was amazing! The massage was heavenly! We did lots of walking until our feet hurt but we had lots of fun making jokes and disturbing each other.

This is our last trip for 2016 and I already can’t wait for our 2017 trips!

Once again, Happy New Year 🙂







2016 in summary

Hello from Darwin! It is an hour away from 2017!! Omg where has the time gone?! 

Yesterday, Mum asked me how did I find 2016. Honestly, I don’t like to define a year by good or bad. There will always be ups and downs. A year is just a year. You get through it, get a year older and learn more as time passes. It’s just life. 

I’m very lucky in the sense that I took this year to travel…..a lot. I’ve met amazing and great people whom I hope to see again. 

I’ve had my downs too. I moved out for a couple of months and got to really get a taste of not relying on my family members whom I’m closed to. I felt that my separation from them made me a little more independent. It was a good learning lesson for me. And a much needed break from everything. 

I also got rid of more toxic people. Honestly, sometimes I wish I can be like some people who don’t need friends at all, to cut away the betrayals. But I’m human. We all need love and companionship. Well most of us. 

This person is just someone I realised I can’t trust and haven’t been for awhile. Very vain and only cares for herself. I’m so glad she’s out of my life and I can finally breathe a sense of relief that the last toxic person is no longer around me. 

Now, I treasure even more the friends I have around me. It’s not the quantity but the quality of friends that you have. I can count with one hand the number of friends I can trust. Not many right? But I know they’re there for me no matter what. And I rather just have them than fake friends. 

This year, I’ve taken time off to find myself. Learn about my self. And love myself. After overdosing last year, I never did recover. I had so much hatred and anger in me. Hatred and anger over myself, family members, friends and even people whom I’ve gotten rid of. It was and is a meaningful journey. I mean it takes time, months or even years, to get over the negative impacts people have imprinted on you. But I told myself last October, enough is enough. And I meant it. 

So those who’s been with me through thick and thin, I’m very grateful. From the bottom of my heart. And I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused to you all. I’m still a mess but I will get my shit together. 

2017 will be better. New chapter in my life. And I’m excited about it! And travelling to new places with my Boo and BFF 😉 

So here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!! May your 2017 be mind-blowing!✨🌟 

Sending you all love from Darwin ❤