Children Biennale

There’s an inside joke between Shah and I. Previously, I did not know how to pronounce Biennale and I went around pronouncing it as “Bi-an-nale”, until one lady corrected me. It cracked us all up like crazy!

So since we went to the Biennale a few months back at the Singapore Arts Museum, I thought to give the Children Biennale, which is held at the National Gallery, a try.

Try to go on a weekday, as the weekends are packed, and I mean really packed(!), with families and tourists.

Aside from the long queues, I have to say we had an amazing and relaxing there spent at the exhibitions. My fave would definitely have to be Yayoi’s Kusama’s The Obliteration Room, which is basically a plain white room, filled with thousands of colourful stickers.

Can I just say, my inner child was screaming! I just wanted to go around the room and stick even more of these stickers, which you can do so by the way. You can purchase a handbook for the exhibitions at $5, and inside will contain different items for each exhibition. Or if you want to save money, just go to the entrance of the exhibition and ask the person-in-charge for stickers for Yayoi’s Kusama’s exhibition.

So what are you guys waiting for? Find a day to visit the Children Biennale! You don’t have to be a child to enjoy the beauties and creativeness of these exhibitions.

Parents, take opportunity of the June holidays to bring your children there.

I guarantee you will have an amazing time, just like I did!