Stranger’s Reunion

If you guys haven’t heard of Stranger’s Reunion, then it’s time to get out of your shell!

Stranger’s Reunion is the home of the current World Siphon Coffee Champion, 3-time Singapore Barista Champion, 3-time Singapore Latte Art Champion and ASEAN Barista Champion 2013.

I can’t testify for their coffee since I don’t drink coffee, but I can testify for their food.

After a short hiatus, the cafe reopened last year. Bigger, better and more hipster!

The interior decor is modern, with a touch of rustic from some of the wooden tables and benches as well as the wall.

Stepping in, I felt very homely and welcomed, getting a relaxed vibe from the place itself.

I went there with my Boo and I wished we had more people with us, because I seriously wanted to order every dish in the menu. Every dish sounded so appetizing.

This isn’t my first time to the cafe, but it’s my first time trying their dinner menu. And it’s just as good as their day menu!

Shahrul and I ordered the Honey Mustard Sweet Potato Chips ($12.90), Buttermilk Waffles with vanilla bean ice cream and fresh fruits ($11.90), Aburi Mentaiko Spaghetti ($21.90) and Duck Confit ($23.90).

What’s there to complain about the food? The Honey Mustard Potato Chips was actually got delicious, even though I’m not a huge fan of honey mustard. The chips actually became quite addictive.

The Buttermilk Waffle was perfecto, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Together with the vanilla ice cream, it just melts in your mouth! The berries served together, added a tinge of sourness to the sweetness of the ice cream and waffle. Yum!

I’m speechless when it comes to the Aburi Mentaiko Spaghetti. I think this is by far my fave Mentaiko pasta ever! I love love love Mentaiko and I can just eat it everyday and be happy! The dish was perfectly seasoned, the pasta was perfectly cooked, and the scallops and prawns were fresh. Just writing about it is making me drool! I need to get my Mentaiko pasta craving fixed asap!

The Duck Confit did not disappoint as well! Crispy on the outside and tender o the inside. Together with the orange-infused sauce, it gives the added omph!

We walked out the cafe, full and contented.

Stranger’s Reunion has now become one of my top cafes to visit and I think I will be heading back there sooner rather than later 🙂







Pacamara has always been one of my fave cafes since it opened a few years ago. What I like about this cafe is that their menu is ever-changing. For some cafes, when they change their menu, the food quality just isn’t as good as what it used to be. But at Pacamara, the list of food on the new menu, is not only pleasing to the eyes, the quality is just as good, or even better!

I still remembered when Pacamara first opened. At that time, I was still staying around the area, opposite the cafe in fact. I heard so many amazing reviews on the cafe and was really interested in trying out their red velvet pancakes. I brought my family there after my exams and my Mum got hooked!

A year later, I introduced this place to my Boo, and like my Mum, he really loved the place, even though he was hesitant to visit at first. Lemme tell ya, it’s not easy to get Shah to love a cafe. He’s not really a cafe person. As he always say, ‘I’m a roti prata, mee rebus kinda person.’ So for him to really like a cafe and the food, it’s a huge compliment.

So Pacamara has become over fave cafe to visit as a couple.

And I thought why not introduce this place to my paternal aunt, who like me, loves to try different types of food. The two of us, along with Tara, went there for dinner.


Steak Frites 200g ($25), Rocket and Pear ($15), Chicken Breast ($17.50).

We ordered the Nutella Fudge and Lemon Tart as well to share.

Can I just say, FOOD COMA!

I wasn’t having a great day that day, but this meal lifted up my mood, and for awhile I wasn’t stressing over anything.

So if you’re in the Thompson area, do visit this cafe. It’s a good place to have a meal with family or friends. Awesome food, awesome ambience.

Can’t wait to head back to try their Day Menu. Been wanting to try their Creme Brulee French Toast and Matcha Pancake.

In the mean time, I’ll just be patient…..





Wheeler’s Estate

A trip to Mandai led us to an impromptu stop at Seletar Aerospace for lunch.

It is not easy to get there, we kept getting lost as it was our first time going. But the place was so quiet (maybe because it’s a weekday lol) and so beautiful, out of the hustling and bustling of the city.

At Seletar Aerospace, you’ll be spoiled with choices over what to eat. There’s Wildseed cafe, Wheeler’s Estate, etc.

We went with Wheeler’s Estate. The food there is a little more pricey but the food was not too bad.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Beef Short Rib, can be shared among 2-3 people ($59). My favourite dish. The meat was so soft and tender. With the BBQ sauce, it was perfecto.

Estate Corzetti ($20). The pasta lacked of seasoning. I had to ask for more garlic to make the pasta more tasteful.

Pull Apart Bread ($20). We got both the Bacon & Cheese and the Garlic & Cheese stick. The breads were my least favourite. I thought that there was not enough fillings inside and I couldn’t really taste the saltiness of the cheese and bacon. The garlic taste was also barely there.

But I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and the staff were really friendly.




Girls’ Evening

Haven’t seen this girls for more than a month and we finally got to meet on a day when everyone’s free!

We were supposed to have dinner at the Botanist, but it closed at 6pm that day. The funny thing was, our back up and the back up for our back up were also both closed! Goodness, Shanelle, Vivienne and I must have walked around for closed to an hour before we settled on Montana. And I’m so thankful we went to Montana cos the food is just mouthwatering!

Warning: Do Not Scroll Down Any Further Unless You Have A Full Stomach!

Food Coma!

My Mac Daddy Burger was da bomb! Omg it’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten and I think I said this to my friends like 10 times when I was eating. But trust me, it’s worth it. Go and get yourself a Mac Daddy Burger! And the cakes! Oh wow! They were soft and moist, and that’s exactly how cakes should be! Sorry Shanelle, gotta disagree with the theory that cakes should be hard 😉 One cake is actually quite big, probably can be shared among your friends. And you need, I repeat, NEED to get the nutella cake. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes but unlike some places that sell beautiful but not tasty cakes, this one actually is good! It  reminds me of the cakes at My Sister Bakes. Yum!

Oh gosh, writing this post is just making me wanna head back to Montana.

I definitely will be heading back again for more! I think this is my new fav cafe. I can’t wait to introduce this place to Shah!

It was so nice to catch up with them and made me realise how much I miss disturbing Shanelle hahaha!

Now that we’ve all graduated from Pre-U, meeting up as often is difficult due to our schedules. Let’s hope we won’t have to postpone our next meet up 🙂









Weekends are made of these…..

Well hello again guys…Happy Monday and hope you had a great weekend.

The whole week was a mad rush for me, running around, working, trying to spend time with my family and getting some me time as well.

I met Mel and James for the Shu Uemura and Shopbop collaboration event.

The next day, we went to Botanic Gardens for Mel’s photoshoot and ended up having brunch at Food for Thought.


And for lunch, I met up with my dad for lunch at Tanuki Raw Bar.


Friday was spent with my grandma and after that, dad and I went for drinks at Bar Bar Black Sheep. I guess it’s safe to say we had a little too much to drink. I felt the effects the next morning. But it was really fun to spend time with my dad.

The next morning, I met up with Shahrul and we went to Afterglow for some Acai Bowl before heading to my cousin, Joshua’s, birthday party. 

Happy 21st Birthday Joshua! Hope you enjoyed your party 🙂

Bangkok (2016)

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a great 2017!

December was crrazzzyyyyy! Goodness two back to back travels!

I went to Bangkok with my Boo from 15th to 20th December. It was our last trip of 2016 and it was a lotta fun!

We went to Karmakamet Diner after checking into our hotel, for dinner.


The next day, we started out early to go shopping at Platinum Mall.

The ice cream at the mall was sooo good!

Tea was at After You Cafe and we had the Ferraro Shibuya Toast


And for dinner, we went for the famed boat noodles near Victory Monument.


On our third day in Bangkok, we went to Chatuchuk Market.

One cafe you definitely need to visit is True Love Cafe @Neverland. They have so many huskies there and it just made me miss my babies back home.

The next morning, we went to the Floating Market and breakfast on the boat. I ate my fav coconut ice cream while Shah had his spring rolls and pad thai.


We went to Toby’s for lunch and it was the best cafe we went to in Bangkok!

On our last day in Bangkok, we had breakfast at On Lok Yun. Best breakfast everrrrr!


And we went to Fill In The Blank Cafe for some tea….

I had a really great time in Bangkok with you Boo! The food was amazing! The massage was heavenly! We did lots of walking until our feet hurt but we had lots of fun making jokes and disturbing each other.

This is our last trip for 2016 and I already can’t wait for our 2017 trips!

Once again, Happy New Year 🙂







Bali (2016)

Hello! It’s been a while! As you can see from the title, this post is about my recent trip to Bali. I was there from 3rd October to 8th October, allowing me to celebrate my birthday there.

By the time we arrived in Bali, it was almost 9pm. I have to say that Shahrul and I had a bad start to our holiday. We booked a villa in Askara Villa. The manager, Gede, did not check our confirmation slip properly and told us that my mum, who would arrived on the next day, could stay without additional charges. So of course, my mum happily booked her air tickets. But three days before we were due to arrive in Bali, he emailed us saying we have to pay IDR 250000 per night for an additional person. When we emailed him back, he claimed that he did not see our confirmation properly. I told him that it is not fair for us since he was the one who made the mistake, and should keep his promise.

When we arrive at Askara Villa, firstly, he was not there to give us a proper welcome. Second, he called the housekeeper, asking to talk to us. He was rude and unprofessional, claiming that, as I directly quote him, ‘no money no bed’. I said it was unfair that he emailed so last minute. He argued that he emailed us more than a week in advance and has the emails to prove it. I told him off and said that we too have the emails to prove he did not. Realising he was at fault, he kept quiet. And then he started to put the blame on Shahrul who was communicating with him via email, saying that Shahrul did not state that he was talking on my behalf and did not send the confirmation slip. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Of course we did all those when we first started communicating with him!

He went on to say rudely, ‘So you gonna pay or not?’ Me reaching my boiling point, told him, ‘No of course not. We are not paying and we will move out tomorrow.’

I think he thought we were joking cos he just said ‘ok you move out tomorrow’ but when we actually moved out the next day, he was shocked and kept apologising to us for the mistake he made. People if you’re going to Bali, don’t stay at Askara with such a rude manager.

Back to happy thoughts..

We moved in to Bali Asih Villa the next day and the people were so nice and sweet to us.

We went for brunch at The Fat Turtle on the second day cos I was in no mood to eat at Askara Villa.

Relaxation time!

We went to the Ubud Monkey Forest in the evening

Reached back in time to see mum arrive from the airport.

We had to sleep early that night (which we did not) as we had to wake up at 1am to trek Mount Batur. Only slept for an hour omg

And then water rafting after that. We were so sore after.

We were utterly exhausted but still managed to head to Batu Bolong Beach to watch the sunset

On the fourth day, Shahrul and I went to Kandara Karma to explore. The place is so B-E-A-utiful!!

Went for a well deserve spa at Rob Peetoom Hair Spa Bali. The treatment was so good, I felt like a queen being pampered at Rob Peetoom. Not only do you get a great massage but you get to do it while enjoying the amazing view right in front of you. And while getting massage, you get to choose a drink of your choice and munch on biscuits. I could do this all day, everyday! Who’s with me?

Tanah Lot Temple to watch sunset. It was really crowded cos everyone was just walking around and waiting for the moment the sun sets.

Day 5 which is also my birthday, we went to do my fav thing in the world, horse riding!! Gosh it feels so good to be back in the saddle. Especially when my horse, Fudge, is galloping, it feels like I could be riding forever and there’s no worries in the world.

We went back to the villa for some R&R before going out for dinner with my mum at Potato Head Beach Club

Had an amazing 22nd in Bali and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes 😍

Our last morning in Bali was spent surfing. I haven’t surf in years but I would say that compared to the last time I surfed, I’ve improved  a lot. Whereas it was mum’s first time. But I think she did pretty good for a first timer. The next time I go back Bali, I’m just gonna spend my whole time surfing.

We went for a hearty meal after that before stopping to watch the scenery at Water Blow

Bali, you were nothing short of AMAZING! Hope to be back again just for the surf! And I enjoyed being there with my two fav people ❤️