2016 travel lookbook

And just like that, with a snap of your fingers, it’s the last day of January! Wow! First month of the year already gone?!

Well, here’s a recap of my travel adventures in 2016:

Tokyo (January):

First trip of 2016 with my mum and sis. It’s so good to go somewhere cold. Makes me miss the freezing weather and I think I should plan to go somewhere this year to experience winter again.

Macau & Hong Kong (April)

First time traveling with my grandaunt and granduncle. Was also joined by my grandma and aunt. Was utterly spoiled by them hehe 🙂

My cousin and her friend happened to be there too so we met up a couple of times.

Sydney (April/May)

Ahhh heading to my fav city in my fav country with my Boo! I miss this trip the most and how can I forget the mouth-watering food Sydney has to share. I can’t wait to move there!!

Bali (October)

This was the first time I got to travel on my birthday! And also the first time my Boo, Mum and I went on a trip together!


Port Dickson (November)

Brought my Mum for a short birthday trip.

Bangkok (December)

My last trip with my Boo in 2016!

Darwin (December/January)

2016 started with a girls’ trip with my Mum and sis, and it ended with another trip with them. A road trip!!


Hope you love my 2016 travel lookbook!!!




Bangkok (2016)

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a great 2017!

December was crrazzzyyyyy! Goodness two back to back travels!

I went to Bangkok with my Boo from 15th to 20th December. It was our last trip of 2016 and it was a lotta fun!

We went to Karmakamet Diner after checking into our hotel, for dinner.


The next day, we started out early to go shopping at Platinum Mall.

The ice cream at the mall was sooo good!

Tea was at After You Cafe and we had the Ferraro Shibuya Toast


And for dinner, we went for the famed boat noodles near Victory Monument.


On our third day in Bangkok, we went to Chatuchuk Market.

One cafe you definitely need to visit is True Love Cafe @Neverland. They have so many huskies there and it just made me miss my babies back home.

The next morning, we went to the Floating Market and breakfast on the boat. I ate my fav coconut ice cream while Shah had his spring rolls and pad thai.


We went to Toby’s for lunch and it was the best cafe we went to in Bangkok!

On our last day in Bangkok, we had breakfast at On Lok Yun. Best breakfast everrrrr!


And we went to Fill In The Blank Cafe for some tea….

I had a really great time in Bangkok with you Boo! The food was amazing! The massage was heavenly! We did lots of walking until our feet hurt but we had lots of fun making jokes and disturbing each other.

This is our last trip for 2016 and I already can’t wait for our 2017 trips!

Once again, Happy New Year 🙂