Museum Hopping Kinda Day

Shah and I planned to go to the Singapore Arts Museum to check out the Singapore Biennale exibition again, but it had already ended. We decided to just take a look at the other exhibitions before making an impromptu trip to the National Museum of Singapore.

Shah is really into Arts and History, so I guess it really made his day.

And I’m so glad I went with him. History isn’t my forte so when I didn’t understand certain things, I asked Shah.

It made me so proud that my boyfriend knows all his history facts. I actually don’t mind spending the whole day visiting museums with him and listening to his explanations.

I’m really glad we managed to spare some time to visit the museums and can’t wait to do so again!




USS with my Boo

Last Saturday was SCDF night at USS, and it was the first time Shah and I went together.

I’ve been there a couple of times, but this was the most excited I was. Shah said he’s never seen me this excited before.

I guess we over-estimated ourselves, cos we took all the rides without taking time to stop for a break.

Even when we were famished, we continued going ride after ride after ride. I guess that’s why when we came down from the last ride, we were both swaying and shaking. Not to mention, lightheaded!

But it was a good evening! We didn’t have to queue for the rides! The beauty of having the theme park closed down just for the SCDF members.

And it was so hilarious to see Shah so scared during some of the rides! I think it’s safe to say he screamed more than I did hahaha!

Thank you baby for bringing me to USS and taking some of the rides with me, even though you were afraid.

Of all the times I’ve been to USS, this was the most fun I had! And seeing Shah’s priceless reactions made the evening even better 🙂





Goodbye February, Hello March

And just like that, we’re into the last month of the first quarter of the year.

So how was your February?

Mine was so hectic that much went by as a blur. Some days, I’m just running up and down, not even having time to take my meals. And by the end of the day, when I start to slow down, I’ll realise that I’m actually famished.

But I love keeping busy, it makes me feel really accomplished when I’ve completed the things I’ve set out to do for that day.

I’m very happy to share with you my February Lookbook. Hope you enjoy it 🙂




No Time To Rest

I’m sure you have experienced the type of bone-deep tiredness that comes from having so many activities packed in not only a day, but the entire week!

I wish I could say that I’m glad the week is over, but then it seems like the past few weeks has been the same. So many backlogs to complete, publishing posts before their deadlines, and not to forget my latest ambassadorship for a company. I’m trying to find a day where I can squeeze in a photoshoot and share them as soon as I can. On top of that, I have my internship with Melissa and my new job at the bakery.

Oh gosh, I need to catch my breath!

Not saying I’m not grateful to have activities that occupy my time and make me worry less about certain problems, but there are days I just wish I could take a very long nap.

The last week alone, I’ve been trying to make up for certain sleepless nights, by napping. But that just makes me more exhausted, and having more work incomplete. Even right now, when all I want is to shut my eyes, I realize that this coming week is going to be another mad rush! In fact, it seems like the whole of March is gonna be a blur for me. The new month hasn’t even started, and my calendar is already 90% filled up!

I’m just taking things one day at a time. I know sometimes I can be grumpy due to the lack of rest, but I really love what I’m doing.

And really, I feel blessed and grateful to be able to do what I love.

Not to mention the really really good news I received a few days ago. I had already given up hope so to hear that it was successful, I’m just speechless.

So for now, I’m just gonna work hard towards my goals, what I feel is right for me, and tell myself not to give up hope.



Stranger’s Reunion

If you guys haven’t heard of Stranger’s Reunion, then it’s time to get out of your shell!

Stranger’s Reunion is the home of the current World Siphon Coffee Champion, 3-time Singapore Barista Champion, 3-time Singapore Latte Art Champion and ASEAN Barista Champion 2013.

I can’t testify for their coffee since I don’t drink coffee, but I can testify for their food.

After a short hiatus, the cafe reopened last year. Bigger, better and more hipster!

The interior decor is modern, with a touch of rustic from some of the wooden tables and benches as well as the wall.

Stepping in, I felt very homely and welcomed, getting a relaxed vibe from the place itself.

I went there with my Boo and I wished we had more people with us, because I seriously wanted to order every dish in the menu. Every dish sounded so appetizing.

This isn’t my first time to the cafe, but it’s my first time trying their dinner menu. And it’s just as good as their day menu!

Shahrul and I ordered the Honey Mustard Sweet Potato Chips ($12.90), Buttermilk Waffles with vanilla bean ice cream and fresh fruits ($11.90), Aburi Mentaiko Spaghetti ($21.90) and Duck Confit ($23.90).

What’s there to complain about the food? The Honey Mustard Potato Chips was actually got delicious, even though I’m not a huge fan of honey mustard. The chips actually became quite addictive.

The Buttermilk Waffle was perfecto, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Together with the vanilla ice cream, it just melts in your mouth! The berries served together, added a tinge of sourness to the sweetness of the ice cream and waffle. Yum!

I’m speechless when it comes to the Aburi Mentaiko Spaghetti. I think this is by far my fave Mentaiko pasta ever! I love love love Mentaiko and I can just eat it everyday and be happy! The dish was perfectly seasoned, the pasta was perfectly cooked, and the scallops and prawns were fresh. Just writing about it is making me drool! I need to get my Mentaiko pasta craving fixed asap!

The Duck Confit did not disappoint as well! Crispy on the outside and tender o the inside. Together with the orange-infused sauce, it gives the added omph!

We walked out the cafe, full and contented.

Stranger’s Reunion has now become one of my top cafes to visit and I think I will be heading back there sooner rather than later 🙂





The Market Grill

TGIF! Hope your week has gone well. And here’s hopping your weekend is even better!

Fridays is all about winding down, planning about what you’ll do during the weekends. Maybe spend more time with family, meet friends who are equally as busy as you during the weekdays. Or you know, just sleep in?

For me, I love to head out during the weekends. I love to go out with my family and bf. Shah always complain that I’m like an energizer bunny, always on the go and never seem to want a break. He’s always asking if I’m ever tired. Well, I do get tired sometimes. After all, I’m only human. But I get so excited when I have something(s) planned out for the day. And yes, I’m a planner. I’m big on plannings! If I don’t plan, I actually feel lost at times. No sure if it’s a good or bad thing. What do you guys think?

For this particular Friday, I spent the whole day with Vivienne. Met her at her school and she introduced me to ban mian. I used to not like it but damn, the school’s one is pretty goooood!

After that, we did some shopping at the mall, before we headed to her house to hang out and play with Terry (her dog).

And for dinner, we went to The Market Grill. I’ve been wanting to visit this place for the longest time as I heard great reviews about their lobster roll.

img_83871SONY DSC

Lobster Roll ($48). One of the best I’ve eaten so far! The bread was crispy on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside. And the lobster? Heavenly.

Black Angus Beef Bavette 200g ($42). I got to try a bit from Vivienne and the beef is juicy and tender. Although I would have preferred it medium rare or rare. Definitely a must try!


Thanks for listening to my troubles and I had a great time with you that day! I don’t remember laughing so much hahaha.

Hope you guys had a great Friday and may your weekend be greater 🙂






Pacamara has always been one of my fave cafes since it opened a few years ago. What I like about this cafe is that their menu is ever-changing. For some cafes, when they change their menu, the food quality just isn’t as good as what it used to be. But at Pacamara, the list of food on the new menu, is not only pleasing to the eyes, the quality is just as good, or even better!

I still remembered when Pacamara first opened. At that time, I was still staying around the area, opposite the cafe in fact. I heard so many amazing reviews on the cafe and was really interested in trying out their red velvet pancakes. I brought my family there after my exams and my Mum got hooked!

A year later, I introduced this place to my Boo, and like my Mum, he really loved the place, even though he was hesitant to visit at first. Lemme tell ya, it’s not easy to get Shah to love a cafe. He’s not really a cafe person. As he always say, ‘I’m a roti prata, mee rebus kinda person.’ So for him to really like a cafe and the food, it’s a huge compliment.

So Pacamara has become over fave cafe to visit as a couple.

And I thought why not introduce this place to my paternal aunt, who like me, loves to try different types of food. The two of us, along with Tara, went there for dinner.


Steak Frites 200g ($25), Rocket and Pear ($15), Chicken Breast ($17.50).

We ordered the Nutella Fudge and Lemon Tart as well to share.

Can I just say, FOOD COMA!

I wasn’t having a great day that day, but this meal lifted up my mood, and for awhile I wasn’t stressing over anything.

So if you’re in the Thompson area, do visit this cafe. It’s a good place to have a meal with family or friends. Awesome food, awesome ambience.

Can’t wait to head back to try their Day Menu. Been wanting to try their Creme Brulee French Toast and Matcha Pancake.

In the mean time, I’ll just be patient…..