Paint your life with colours

Brought the little princess out for a day of fun, and also a belated birthday celebration for her. Can’t believe my fur-baby is 8! Goodness felt like yesterday I brought her home.

Honestly, I actually completely forgot about her birthday. I was so busy that I lost track of time. The day before her birthday, my mum actually asked what I was doing for little Boo, and it just hit me that I had nothing planned. I had to ask Snowy’s daddy to make an emergency purchase at the pet store for a dog cake and send it over.

So during the weekends, I decided to make it up to her and brought her to explore Botanic Gardens. The last time we brought her there was for a picnic last year. She really enjoyed herself, and everyone was cooing over her, especially when she walked with the balloons tied to her.

The three of us came home feeling extremely exhausted and needless to say Snow was not so white anymore and pretty stinky.


Take time to enjoy the now

Because we live in a cosmopolitan city, a lot of times we are running here and there, for school, after-class activities, or meeting after meeting.


Well, my days are mostly packed 24/7, Mondays to Sundays. I juggle with not only school, but I work and also am doing an internship. As if that is not enough, I have my own job where I collaborate with companies and have to ensure that I produce photos that meet their approvals and standards.


Most of my weekdays are packed the minute I step out the door. From 9am all the way to 11pm when I reach home. Yup, that’s four all of the five weekdays. And weekends are meant for my internship and my personal projects with companies.


Sometimes, it does get pretty exhausting and I will feel like giving up something. But then, I realise how much fun I am having, whether it’s my job, internship or my personal projects. I can never give on any one of them.


But it’s important to realise that once in a while you need to slow down and recuperate.


I’m someone who needs lots of activities to fill up the day so I won’t get bored. Those around me are constantly reminding me to slow down or my health will get affected. But guess what, even when I’m sick, I’m thinking about my personal projects. Making plans and all. I can never seem to slow down.


Exercising is in a sense a way for me to slow down. That’s when I really stop thinking about what projects I have, or what assignments are due. I really enjoy the moment and relax. It allows me the enjoy the greenery surrounding me, and even better, get off my phone for awhile, as the place I go for runs or treks, does not have any phone reception.


So if your days are as packed as mine, don’t forget to slow down once in a while, enjoy the moment and learn to appreciate the things around you.






Burberry First Love

Spent one afternoon at the launch of Burberry Beauty's summer collection.

I'm so in love with the collection and currently obsessing with their Fresh Glow Illuminating Powders. It's super pigmented and if you're a highlighting person, you'll  scream (on the inside) like me! I was just like, "I need them all!!!"

And let's not forget the Burberry First Love Rosy Blush! With this, everyone can capture the quintessentially British 'Burberry Glow'. The Rosy Blush is from Burberry's Limited Edition range, lasting for only two months!

I remember when Mas, Burberry's beauty consultant, gave Andrea a makeover demonstration, I was really impressed by how this summer collection looks so effortless and gives a woman an English Rose appearance.

Ugh, Burberry, you're a sinful temptation!!






So glad I went for the MAC event even though I was utterly exhausted from hell month. It was a good way to destress, spending time away from anything studies-related. And also a good excuse to do some make-up shopping, since we were given vouchers.

I'm really into the nudes at MAC but I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone with some browns and plum colours.

So what are your fave shades at MAC?

Yayoi Kasuma

I've heard a lot about Yayoi Kasuma and her work, so when she had her Life is the Heart of a Rainbow exhibition in Singapore, I just had to go.

In the past two months, I've visited the National Gallery three times, hoping to get into the exhibition. The first two times, it was so packed that I left disappointed. On my last visit, we finally got our tickets.

I find Yayoi's work to be such a vision. It shows attributes of feminism, minimalism and surrealism.

I find it inspiring that even though she suffers from a mental illness and stays in a hospital, she has dedicated herself to her work.

Her trademark work is the polkadots, which is full of it at the exhibition.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the exhibition, and it was a good day out with the girls!






Karma Bikinis

This is my second time working with Karma Bikinis.

I honestly love working with them. Antje is just the sweetest to talk to, and always very helpful. When I was asked to help the company again, I was so happy!

If you recall in previous post, Karma Bikinis is all about providing ethical, luxe swimwear.

7% of the proceeds goes to helping the conservation of the ocean. And I think that is such a beautiful and meaningful cause. There are so many marine life in the ocean and it just breaks my heart to read about news of a dolphin losing a fin because of our stupid actions, and many more.

So I hope you guys will take the time to explore the website and help two amazing sisters with their great cause.