Maldives visual 2

Mum went back to Singapore after three weeks in Maldives, while I continued on for 9 more days.

I utterly enjoyed myself during this one month and I’m so glad that I made new friends there. Can’t wait to head back in about two weeks!!!





Maldives Visuals 1

And just like that another week has gone by. We are in mid November at the moment. My my, how time flies. Looking at this pictures, it feels like I was just in Maldives yesterday. And next month, I’m heading back there again! Woohooooo!!!

We headed to Maamigilli for our third week in Maldives. The first two days, we stayed at whale shark inn to see whalesharks. I’ve done it once when I was holidaying in Cebu. These creatures may be ginormous but they are the gentlest living being ever. The remaining days were spent at Amaya Kuda Rah, which is a total paradise island.

FYI, we are not hurting the turtle. We’re cleaning the shell.

Hope you enjoyed these visuals 😊





Birthday in Maldives

I remember when I was young, my birthday was always during exam period and always wished that I could celebrate my birthday overseas.

And now, I’ve celebrated my birthday overseas for two consecutive years. First in Bali and now in Maldives.

For this year, we did something really special, something I’ve always wanted to do. Picnic in the sea!!! Can finally tick this off my bucket list.

Thanks mum for making my dream come true ❤️

And thanks Shifuan for taking such amazing photos. He was such a professional and it was such a joy to have him shoot this set of visuals. If  you are in Maldives and looking for a photographer, look him up.

You can take a look at his website here. And if you’re interested in a photoshoot, you can contact him at +9609111224.



Maldives Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of my trip to Maldives.

I will probably separate my blog posts to 4 parts as there are way too many photos.

After 6 days in Hulhumale, mum and I hopped to Bandos Island Resort for a 9-day stay.

Every alternate days, we went back to Hulhumale for watersports, and the other days were spent at Bandos relaxing…. and lots of suntan.





Maldives Part 1

Hello there, it’s been awhile since I posted something on this platform, but that’s because I’ve been enjoying life in Maldives haha.

I’m gonna share with you visuals from my trip.

But before that, lemme share a little about Maldives.

The island nation of Maldives is south of Indian in the India Ocean, with an endless amount of pristine blue water and a charming tranquil place consisting of 26 atolls.

Arriving in Maldives, we stayed in Island Beach House at Hulhumale. It’s by far my fave place to stay, of all the hotels/guesthouses I stayed in during my one month trip to Maldives. The people there are extremely kind and nice to us. It was a joy hanging out with them.

As promised, here are the visuals.


I hope you enjoyed the first of my Maldives visual. Stay tuned for part 2 😉





Sydney (2017)

As mentioned in my Byron Bay post, after four days spent in Byron Bay, we took a 13-hour overnight bus to Sydney. It was quite an experience for both my Mum and I as we’ve never taken such a long bus journey before.

We arrived in Sydney on 28th March morning and went straight to our Airbnb to drop off our luggages. And off we went to our very first destination: Devon Cafe! Last year, when I was in Sydney with Shah, the first cafe we went to when we arrived, was also Devon Cafe. Guess it’s mandatory?


As always, the food at Devon Cafe was superb! Definitely recommend this cafe to those visiting Sydney.

Dessert was my fave ice cream in the world (that’s right, THE WORLD!!), Aqua S!!!! It’s so good to be back at Aqua S! Every time I look at my Sydney photos, there are two things I miss the most. Aqua S and the grilled scallops from the Sydney Fish Market.

Ended the day at Bronte Beach. We tried walking from Bronte Beach to Bondi Beach via the beach walkway but somehow we got lost. After walking an hour, we weren’t even halfway to our destination. We gave up and decided to uber.

Got my 6th tattoo in my fave city in the world! Alis Volat Propriis, which is Latin for “she flies with her own wings”. I think Latin is so sexy, don’t ya think?


Day 2, we managed to sleep in till afternoon, considering we didn’t sleep much on our bus ride here.

We spent the entire day at Bondi Beach. Getting lunch at Harry’s Bondi, which serves one of the best organic food. They even have organic coke! How dope!

Did some suntanning on the beach, before grabbing some ice cream at Gelatissimo.

We ended our day by watching the sunset at Bondi Icebergs.

Our trip to Sydney was a short one. We spent three days in total. On our last day there, I brought Mum to the Sydney Fish Market.

I’m drooling…….

We did a little shopping (okay not a little, it’s actually a lot lol) at QvB (Queen Victoria Building).

And finally (and I mean finally!!!), after searching for so long, I’ve found Doux Amour Patisserie!

Bought the cutest puffs everrrrrrrr!

And that was how we ended an amazing and awesome trip: with cute and equally tasty food!

Can’t wait for more adventures 🙂




Byron Bay (2017)

I’ve been wanting to visit Byron Bay for quite some time now, and finally I’ve had the opportunity to.

My mum and I took a red-eye flight and arrived in Gold Coast on 24th March morning. There, we took a shuttle bus and traveled two hours to Byron.

Everything about Byron is what I imagined it to be! A small little coastal town with a beautiful scenery and beaches, and lovely people.

Byron Bay is so different from the city life that I have in Singapore. People in Byron can walk around in town, barefoot and in their swimsuits. Everyone’s just so relaxed and bohemian, which is so me!! Mum was saying I fit right in with the locals.

In a few words, you will understand my obsession with Byron Bay.

It is a town that manages to combine the carefree finesse of the 60’s with modern day cool. Whether you are taken aback by its sheer beauty, the drumming circles at the wreck for sunset, the waves, the music, art or the bunch of eccentric characters this wonderful town attracts, you will be hooked……

So here are some visuals taken in Byron Bay….

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We went kayaking with dolphins, sadly I got really seasick (threw up more than 10 times!!) and didn’t get to enjoy the beautiful view.

Went snorkeling with sea turtles and I was VERY lucky to see a leopard shark right below me!! It was super huge! Probably 1.5m.

We took one morning to trek up to the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse. Trekking at 5:30am was so worth it! Such an amazing and breathtaking sunrise!


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Besides the activities, we ate LOTS of food, went to the Byron Bay Artisan Market, walks along the beach and took daily afternoon naps. One of the more relaxing holidays I’ve had in a while.

It felt so good to blend in with the locals, being relaxed, hippie-ish and care-free. Very different from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Shah asked if I got to see Chris Hemsworth and his family, but no I didn’t get to see them even though I looked EVERYWHERE lol.

After 4 days in Byron Bay, we went on to Sydney.

Stay tuned for the Sydney post 🙂