Freedom is here…

Here’s something to share with you guys! Usually before a paper, I tend to be so nervous that I can’t eat much and my stomach will end up growling mid-paper. Not a pleasant sight or sound, I might add. There was one time, my stomach growled so loudly that the teacher stared at me and a fellow classmate snickered. Yup, maximum embarrassment!

This time’s mid-sem paper was no different. I couldn’t eat much before I headed for school to take the paper. But afterwards, I was famished! I felt I could eat bowls and bowls of pasta, which I did not of course! Just one…

Stateland Cafe is the perfect place for some comfort food and that’s where I went after my paper.

I’ve always wanted to head back there after my last visit. The end of mid-sem paper was the perfect opportunity to go and celebrate the end of my test and the start of my holiday.

After that was to catch a movie with my love and my mum (aka the third wheeler). 

For now I’m just gonna make full use of my mid-sem break to catch up on lots of sleep.





Children Biennale

There’s an inside joke between Shah and I. Previously, I did not know how to pronounce Biennale and I went around pronouncing it as “Bi-an-nale”, until one lady corrected me. It cracked us all up like crazy!

So since we went to the Biennale a few months back at the Singapore Arts Museum, I thought to give the Children Biennale, which is held at the National Gallery, a try.

Try to go on a weekday, as the weekends are packed, and I mean really packed(!), with families and tourists.

Aside from the long queues, I have to say we had an amazing and relaxing there spent at the exhibitions. My fave would definitely have to be Yayoi’s Kusama’s The Obliteration Room, which is basically a plain white room, filled with thousands of colourful stickers.

Can I just say, my inner child was screaming! I just wanted to go around the room and stick even more of these stickers, which you can do so by the way. You can purchase a handbook for the exhibitions at $5, and inside will contain different items for each exhibition. Or if you want to save money, just go to the entrance of the exhibition and ask the person-in-charge for stickers for Yayoi’s Kusama’s exhibition.

So what are you guys waiting for? Find a day to visit the Children Biennale! You don’t have to be a child to enjoy the beauties and creativeness of these exhibitions.

Parents, take opportunity of the June holidays to bring your children there.

I guarantee you will have an amazing time, just like I did!



Adventure at the National Museum

It wouldn’t be called an adventure without a few glitches here and there. I won’t talk about them here, but we will definitely not be forgetting them.

Heading to the National Museum with this bunch makes it even more fun! Although we had to get our assignment done quickly, it was never boring…

I wished we had more time that day to explore, but nope we had to head back to school. Reality sets in….

Here’s to more adventures with you guys!

Romantic at heart

I can’t deny this but I’m definitely someone who likes to be more romanced. I mean I don’t know bouquets of flowers, just the small gestures like coming to my place to surprise me or when my man looks at me and say, ‘you know you’re beautiful right?’

 The Jet Set Diaries dress from Revolve totally represents the romantic me. Not only that, it makes me feel like a princess.

Every girl needs to invest in that one dress that makes them feel like royalty. Head to Revolve to take a look at the many brands provided. Revolve is every shopaholic’s heaven. There are just too many amazing brands that it’ll take you days to look at every outfit. Not kidding.



Evaliah Grace

I’ve been following Hannah Polites for quite some time and I’m a huge fan of hers. And her baby, little Evaliah (she named the brand after her daughter) is just adorbs!

When Evaliah Grace (the brand) was first launched, I was obsessed with the details, very boho and feminine. I loved that the designs were unique, very different from other online stalls I’ve seen. The outfits had sexy cuts, but they aren’t too revealing.

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I ordered the Alexis Mini Knit Dress in grey, Natalie Bow Shorts in white and the Sleeveless Mimi Cutout Crop in Rose Quartz.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the outfits. The materials were of top quality, which I did not expect at all, considering how many online purchases I’ve made over the years.

By looking at the photos on Evaliah Grace’s website, you’ll probably think that the material is thick and the outfits are not wearable for Singapore’s weather. That’s what I thought so too about my Alexis Mini Knit Dress, but turns out it’s one of the most comfortable knit outfits I’ve ever worn!

So if you guys have not heard of this brand, I definitely recommend that you checkout Hannah’s website! I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the simple yet feminine outfits Evaliah Grace has to offer.



Tobi Dress

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Chose something romantic for date night with my Boo.

I think many women can attest to this, when you have too many clothes, you may end up forgetting you even got certain outfits hiding in your closet. This Tobi outfit is one of he many outfits I forgotten was there. I wore it once in Cebu two years ago, and after that it laid in the back of my closet, untouched.

The dress is more fitting at the top and flowy at the hem. I’m obsessed with the backless detail. Who’s not obsess with backless dresses/tops?

Shah and I explored all over Dempsey to find a good place for our monthsary date, but everywhere was packed due to Mother’s Day. We ended up heading to town for some Japanese food.


We had a really good talk during dinner, evaluating our relationship. I think it’s good for couples to evaluate their relationships regularly, what makes the other party happy or unhappy, etc. It works for Shah and I, allowing us to understand each other better and how we can improve our relationship.