Recently, I visited Botanist for a leisure lunch. I was pretty hyped about it, for the fact that it is run by the same group behind Pacamara. Pacamara is considered to be one of my fave cafes so I had pretty high hopes for Botanist.

Described as a garden-themed cafe, Botanist serves the usual brunch classics.

When I first heard that it was a garden-themed cafe, my mind went to Epiphyte, another garden-themed cafe which I went to last year.

I was pretty disappointed to see that Botanist was barely designed like a garden. There was just a wall filled with leaves at the outdoor part of the cafe. And the whole place was just very cramped.

The food was not nice as I felt that it didn’t meet Pacamara’s standard. I was also quite disappointed to find that two of the dishes I wanted to order were out of the menu, even though they were clearly still in the menu. The only dish I enjoyed there was the brioche toast, which I could have just headed down to Pacamara to enjoy.

However the staff there were very nice, being courteous and helpful.

Overall, this cafe is the ‘been there and done that’ type. In my opinion, not really worth visiting a second time.






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