Summer is coming

Know the famous Games of Throne phrase? “Winter is coming.” Well sorry Starks, Summer is coming, or has officially arrived.

It’s Summer all year round in Singapore so what the heck! I do wish we have four seasons. When I was living overseas for four years, it was the best as I got to experience spring, summer, autumn and winter. The joy of experiencing the change of seasons, as a child, was full of wonderment. Seeing the leaves change to red and falling all around in our garden, or seeing snow on a Christmas morning and being filled with awe.

Those were the times….

Not to mention each season you get an excuse to buy new wears. Such a pity at that age, I was more interested in playing soccer with the boys than what I was wearing. Yup I was 100% a tomboy. Even now, I am considered more boyish than my group of girlfriends.

So for those who are celebrating the welcome of summer, it’s time to stock up on tank tops and shorts. And don’t forget lots and lots of swimsuits 🙂







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