Freedom is here…

Here’s something to share with you guys! Usually before a paper, I tend to be so nervous that I can’t eat much and my stomach will end up growling mid-paper. Not a pleasant sight or sound, I might add. There was one time, my stomach growled so loudly that the teacher stared at me and a fellow classmate snickered. Yup, maximum embarrassment!

This time’s mid-sem paper was no different. I couldn’t eat much before I headed for school to take the paper. But afterwards, I was famished! I felt I could eat bowls and bowls of pasta, which I did not of course! Just one…

Stateland Cafe is the perfect place for some comfort food and that’s where I went after my paper.

I’ve always wanted to head back there after my last visit. The end of mid-sem paper was the perfect opportunity to go and celebrate the end of my test and the start of my holiday.

After that was to catch a movie with my love and my mum (aka the third wheeler). 

For now I’m just gonna make full use of my mid-sem break to catch up on lots of sleep.






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