D’Good Cafe

D’Good café has opened another branch, and it’s in town! Thank God for that, as its first branch is located all the way at Holland Village.

In terms of aesthetics, both cafes have very different layouts. The first branch at Holland Village, which I’ve been to a few times, has a garden theme, whereas the one located at Taka is designed in a way to mimic the London Tube.

We ordered a couple of dishes to share, and for the fact that I was really hungry. Okay, who am I kidding. I ordered three dishes for myself. And nope, I didn’t share at all lol.IMG_2247[1]IMG_2246[1]

IMG_2248[1]IMG_2249[1]IMG_2250[1]IMG_2234[1]IMG_2252[1]IMG_2253[1]IMG_2254[1]Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Ordered the Baked Escargots in shell, Foie Gras and Quinoa, The Scotch Egg and the D’Lobster Roll.

I love the escargot especially mixed with garlic and herbs. The foie gras wasn’t too bad, although it tasted a little dry. As for the lobster roll, it isn’t exactly the best I’ve tasted. I mean if you legit want awesome lobster roll, it would be Pince and Pints. I’m not a fan of mayo (hate it to the core), but apparently, mixing lobster and mayo seems to be the thing. But it’s a no no for me. Uh uh, I like mine with truffles and some garlic. Basically, anything but mayo.

I wouldn’t mind heading back again to D’Good café as they have a colourful range of food on their menu. And I would suggest trying out both branches as they both have beautiful interiors for photo opportunities.


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