Processed with VSCO with a5 presetLately, all I can think about is burgers, burgers and even more burgers!!

Why, you may ask? Thanks to a certain show called ‘Supernatural’

One of the main characters, Dean Winchester is a burger fanatic. There is almost no episode without eating a burger. And damn he makes eating a burger look good!

So since this series is one of the MANY American series I’m obsessed with right now, watching Dean eat burgers has made me crave for burgers constantly. Weird right?

What better place to go get a burger than Overeasy?

Overeasy has become a popular place for people to get top notch American comfort food, like the good ol’ MAc & Cheese or a bangin’ burger. This eatery is know to have the ‘best burgers in town’ as quoted by The Straits Times.

Think mouth-watering diner classics, nostalgic crowd favourites, decadent milkshakes and American-inspired cocktails. Whether it’s a Spiked Milkshake morning or Mac & Cheeks kind of night, these seriously sexy buns will take you from AM to PM.

You’ll believe it when you try it. Trust me.

Everything about Overeasy shouts American Diner from the list of food on the menu to the interior. So if you can’t experience the one in States, head on down to town and experience it first hand. They have two branches, one in Fullerton and one in Orchard.

I ordered the spicy buffalo wings ($10) at the most spicy level: crazy mofo!! And damnnnn was it spicy! I could feel the heat coming out from my ears like a cartoon character.

I had the “To Die For” burger ($19), which is literally…….to die for, if you can guess it. I had my patty cooked medium rare as I always like my patty to be a bit softer. And OH MY GAWDDDD, it was so sinful! It was like heaven on earth!

I didn’t get to try the Bacon Avocado Toast ($12), but it didn’t look too bad.

At OverEasy, they take their comfort food seriously. Served alongside a healthy dose of nostalgia, Overeasy lovesmessing with the classics and kicking things up a notch. Familiar but never boring.

The food will just make your mouth water!

So if you’re into burgers and basically the whole American Diner experience, just head on down to Overeasy.


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