Pacamara ll

The last time I went to Pacamara, I tried their dinner menu and since then, I’ve been dying to try their day menu.

You can read all about my previous Pacamara post right here.

Finally, last week I made an impromptu trip to Pacamara and ordered the Creme Brulee French Toast ($17.50), Salmon Mentaiko Benedict ($19.50) and the Fish and Chips ($18.50)

I’m quite surprised that I really enjoyed the Salmon Mentaiko Benedict cos I’m not a huge fan of eggs. Maybe it’s the mentaiko that made eating the eggs more bearable? The salmon was perfectly cooked and the bread was perfectly toasted. So yeah, I don’t mind eating this again.

The Creme Brulee French Toast was perfection! I’m obsessed with the creme brulee ice cream. And the french toast? So soft and moist. Perfect dessert!

I tried a bit of Shah’s Fish and Chips, and I have to say, I’m not a fish and chips person, but I can finish this whole plate by myself The fish was cooked so well, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The remoulade sauce that came with the dish was… words to describe. Really. I can eat anything with that sauce!

Once again, Pacamara has wowed us,and this is the reason why it’s still our fave cafe.




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