Girls’ Day Out

A little gf(s) bonding time now and then, doesn’t hurt.

I’m glad I have them to share my thoughts and some of my darkest secrets.

It was just a day of spending time with each other, catching up, and of course, sharing with each other our thoughts.

And I feel grateful that they have my back and vice versa.

I’ve always been afraid of being too upfront to anyone, worrying that they’ll think less of me. But hey, if they do, they’re not really there for you. They’re not really your friends.

And I’m glad that after sharing with my gfs, I didn’t get questioned like, ‘how an you do this’ or ‘you shouldn’t feel this way’. Only you two will know what I’m talking about hahaha. But I’m so glad it’s out of my chest 🙂

I had such a great day having lunch with y’all and trying unsuccessfully to get our dogs to like each other lol.

Hmm, now if only there’s a way to make Ramiah stop ruining my brows….






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