Karma Bikinis

Recently, I was approached by Karma Bikinis to be their ambassador. Some of you may know, I don’t casually agree to an ambassadorship before finding out more about the company. I’m all about supporting sustainable and ethical products, and Karma Bikinis does just that. 7% of all their proceeds go to conserving the ocean.

Hence, the hashtag #DOMOREWEARLESS.

As a consumer, I always want to know how my actions will impact the society. I want to make sure that the products I use are ethical and that companies do not use cruel methods like animal testing. I feel that each and every consumer should be conscious of how their actions may impact the world we live in, especially our environment.

Not only does Karma Bikinis encourage women empowerment, the brand is contributing to the restoration and improvement of the environmental deficits our planet is facing. A small gesture goes a long way.

That is why I feel that such companies deserve more of our support.

As the brand says: Think good thoughts, say nice things, and everything will come back around. That is why the line is called “Karma” Bikinis.

Let’s spread the good Karma 🙂




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