USS with my Boo

Last Saturday was SCDF night at USS, and it was the first time Shah and I went together.

I’ve been there a couple of times, but this was the most excited I was. Shah said he’s never seen me this excited before.

I guess we over-estimated ourselves, cos we took all the rides without taking time to stop for a break.

Even when we were famished, we continued going ride after ride after ride. I guess that’s why when we came down from the last ride, we were both swaying and shaking. Not to mention, lightheaded!

But it was a good evening! We didn’t have to queue for the rides! The beauty of having the theme park closed down just for the SCDF members.

And it was so hilarious to see Shah so scared during some of the rides! I think it’s safe to say he screamed more than I did hahaha!

Thank you baby for bringing me to USS and taking some of the rides with me, even though you were afraid.

Of all the times I’ve been to USS, this was the most fun I had! And seeing Shah’s priceless reactions made the evening even better 🙂






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