No Time To Rest

I’m sure you have experienced the type of bone-deep tiredness that comes from having so many activities packed in not only a day, but the entire week!

I wish I could say that I’m glad the week is over, but then it seems like the past few weeks has been the same. So many backlogs to complete, publishing posts before their deadlines, and not to forget my latest ambassadorship for a company. I’m trying to find a day where I can squeeze in a photoshoot and share them as soon as I can. On top of that, I have my internship with Melissa and my new job at the bakery.

Oh gosh, I need to catch my breath!

Not saying I’m not grateful to have activities that occupy my time and make me worry less about certain problems, but there are days I just wish I could take a very long nap.

The last week alone, I’ve been trying to make up for certain sleepless nights, by napping. But that just makes me more exhausted, and having more work incomplete. Even right now, when all I want is to shut my eyes, I realize that this coming week is going to be another mad rush! In fact, it seems like the whole of March is gonna be a blur for me. The new month hasn’t even started, and my calendar is already 90% filled up!

I’m just taking things one day at a time. I know sometimes I can be grumpy due to the lack of rest, but I really love what I’m doing.

And really, I feel blessed and grateful to be able to do what I love.

Not to mention the really really good news I received a few days ago. I had already given up hope so to hear that it was successful, I’m just speechless.

So for now, I’m just gonna work hard towards my goals, what I feel is right for me, and tell myself not to give up hope.




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