The Market Grill

TGIF! Hope your week has gone well. And here’s hopping your weekend is even better!

Fridays is all about winding down, planning about what you’ll do during the weekends. Maybe spend more time with family, meet friends who are equally as busy as you during the weekdays. Or you know, just sleep in?

For me, I love to head out during the weekends. I love to go out with my family and bf. Shah always complain that I’m like an energizer bunny, always on the go and never seem to want a break. He’s always asking if I’m ever tired. Well, I do get tired sometimes. After all, I’m only human. But I get so excited when I have something(s) planned out for the day. And yes, I’m a planner. I’m big on plannings! If I don’t plan, I actually feel lost at times. No sure if it’s a good or bad thing. What do you guys think?

For this particular Friday, I spent the whole day with Vivienne. Met her at her school and she introduced me to ban mian. I used to not like it but damn, the school’s one is pretty goooood!

After that, we did some shopping at the mall, before we headed to her house to hang out and play with Terry (her dog).

And for dinner, we went to The Market Grill. I’ve been wanting to visit this place for the longest time as I heard great reviews about their lobster roll.

img_83871SONY DSC

Lobster Roll ($48). One of the best I’ve eaten so far! The bread was crispy on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside. And the lobster? Heavenly.

Black Angus Beef Bavette 200g ($42). I got to try a bit from Vivienne and the beef is juicy and tender. Although I would have preferred it medium rare or rare. Definitely a must try!


Thanks for listening to my troubles and I had a great time with you that day! I don’t remember laughing so much hahaha.

Hope you guys had a great Friday and may your weekend be greater 🙂






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