Chinese New Year 2017

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Good health, happiness and success in your endeavors 🙂

I feel that this year’s CNY was a little quiet than usual. But nevertheless, I’m sure everyone felt the spirit of CNY.

The first day was the usual at the Lims, visiting relatives to bai nian and then heading to Grandaunty Fung’s house for a night of fun and gambling.

On the second day of CNY, we did something different to the usual CNY activities. Dad brought Tara and I to The Asian Civilisations Museum. We went to The Penny Black for brunch first before heading over to the museum.


And we went to explore the nearby Fullerton Hotel. Dad was saying that he’ll bring us there for high tea the next time since we didn’t have enough time that day.

It was my first time to the Asian Civilisations Museum and I have to say, it has definitely piqued my interest. We were only able to cover the exhibitions on the first two floor, so I’ll definitely head back there again. Maybe we should make it a family museum-hopping day and try and visit as many museums in a day.

After that, Tara and I headed home as all our relatives came to our place to gamble.

There were quite a few hiccups during this year’s CNY, but hey what’s life without some drama?

Once again, wishing a Happy Chinese New Year. May you have a blessed and golden rooster year 🙂






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