A nice evening with the bestie

It sucks when you and your friend(s) have to cancel a planned date at the very last minute for whatever reason. Ladonna and I were supposed to have a picnic together when I came back from Darwin, but somehow, it got postponed to next month and we decided to have a meal together. We planned to meet two weeks ago but she came down with food poisoning and again, we had to push it back.

Finally, a couple days back, we got to meet for our long awaited outing. We decided to meet for dinner at Shelter In The Woods and just have a relaxing evening, chatting.

We talked about everything; school, work, relationships, etc. Even though we only meet once a month or sometimes even longer, it doesn’t feel that way. We talk as though we see each other everyday. Plus, it never gets awkward.

I was finally able to give Ladonna all the presents (birthday and Christmas) I owed her since secondary school. It’s a long story. But I’m so glad she loves her presents!


The food was not too bad, although I was quite disappointed that I missed their famous Lobster Roll which is only on the lunch menu. It was such a filling meal that the both of us could not even move our limbs after that. But what is a meal without desserts?

We headed to town after resting our bloated stomachs, for some ice cream. I ate most of it by the way, as Ladonna couldn’t stomach eating anymore.


Oh yeah, did I mention I got my nails done for CNY? How cool is the Totoro design? I didn’t expect the nail art to turn out so well but I’m really impressed. I’ve got people asking if it’s stick-on nail art. Uh uh, it’s all hand drawn. Dope right?

All in all, it was a really chill out evening with my bestie, and it was great we could sit down and talk for hours without worrying about having to rush anywhere else. Crossing my fingers that we won’t have to push back our picnic next month and really hope we can make this a monthly outing, instead of once every six months.






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