10 years of friendship

‘There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.’

I cannot believe we’ve been friends for 10 years, since secondary school! Even though I left school before graduating, we still manage to keep in contact. Whereas, I’ve lost contact with others from the same school.

With our busy schedule, we tried to meet once a month but it was impossible. From one month, it became three months, and three months became six months. And finally, we’re able to meet! Meeting once a year is too long a period so we decided to stick to once every six months.

We met up at Epiphyte for dinner. It’s like literally walking into an indoor garden. The very much smaller version of Gardens By The Bay.

Thank you for the belated birthday present Lala 🙂

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

It’s so good to meet up! Can’t wait to see you again for our picnic 😉

Thank you for being a good friend to me. Always checking if I’m ok and helping me a lot during my sickness. Your friendship means a lot to me. 






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