Shiberty Bakes

A very impromptu visit to Shiberty Bakes for lunch. Well, actually second lunch.

Shiberty Bakes is a new cafe that opened not too long ago. It all started with Jessica Loh being a blogger. She shared her passion for baking on social media sites. People were ordering cakes from her and I always wanted to place an order too, but sadly, there wasn’t a special occasion for such a pretty cake.

And in early 2016, the store ‘Shiberty Bakes’ was born. I actually applied for an internship with Jess, aka Shiberty, and I actually got it. But somehow, due to timing, the internship did not happen.

I always wondered how did the unique name ‘Shiberty’ came about. Guess what? Jessica actually adopted the name when she first came across it on a Harry Potter fan page site for a spell name! Pretty cool huh?! I guess I should adopt one too? Maybe ‘Aguamenti’ or ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ Could be the start of something interesting….

The menu features a selection of Shiberty’s classic bakes- handcrafted cakes, macaroons, waffles and toasts. Not only does the cafe serve desserts, but recently, Shiberty launched her gourmet menu!

I ordered the classic shiberty toast, baked curry rice and some macaroons ( the flavours were chosen by Shiberty herself)

I would definitely recommend the Classic Shiberty Toast. Not kidding, but I could smell the buttered toast when Shiberty brought it out! The exterior crust was golden and crispy, while the interior crust was soft, warm and buttery. Combined with the vanilla ice cream and mixtures of fruits? Heavenly!

The curry baked rice wasn’t too bad either. I could smell the flavoursome curry the minute I dig into my dish. The meat was a little tough though and maybe a little more spices and cheese would give it the “oomph” factor.

The macaroons are a must! I chose eight diiferent flavoured macaroons and I have to say my fav is the salted caramel rainbow macaroon. Not just because of the aesthetics but also simply because I love salted caramel.

Overall, I did enjoy my meal and I do recommend to give ‘Shiberty Bakes’ a visit!

I have to say, Shiberty’s passion for baking shows in her work and her enthusiasm shows when she greets and communicates with her customers. Happy for her that her dreams of having a shop of her own has turned into reality. So do go support her! 🙂



Address: 46 Owen Road, #01-277, S210046

Hours: Monday-Closed

Tuesday to Friday-1pm-1opm







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