Monthsary Picnic

Hey guys, back here again 🙂

Shahrul and I celebrated our monthsary, which was last week, a few days early as he’s currently on a holiday with his fam. I cannot believe it’s been 23 months like Whoa!

Looking at this year, I wouldn’t say it’s completely fairytale. Because we are completely, and I mean COMPLETELY, opposite, it took us quite some time to find a balance. When to give, when to take. In every relationship, compromising is key. And for us, it took us some time to meet common ground as he’s a very relax and easy going person, while me, I’m very on the go, looking out for the next adventure and pretty much a perfectionist and OCD.

I’m not lying, there were times we hit the bottom low in our relationship that we both questioned if it was the right thing to stay together even longer. But the fact is, we both care and love each other so much that even after the meanest and nastiest fights, we would always work together to find a solution.

I’m very happy that the struggles we had happened as we have learn more about each other and become more understanding of one another. There’s mutual respect in our relationship and I can safely say for both of us, we are now better “equipped” to deal with each others’ bad days.

Not saying that we don’t argue anymore, but we do appreciate each other.

So for our 23rd monthsary, we went to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic with our “daughter”, Snowy.

I’ve always wanted to go for a picnic at Singapore’s beautiful garden but it was always the wrong time.

People always make it seem so easy in pictures, but it is actually tougher than it looks.

1)  We brought a lot of things for the picnic. Food, drinks, etc.

2) Flowers. They are always a must for picnics.

3) Tray for the food.

4) Pillows. Yes, pillows. To make us humans comfortable.

5) Bringing a dog anywhere is tedious. You have to bring a bag of their essentials like water, snacks and plastic bags in case they go number 2.

The worse part was, the carpark is not near to the place where we wanted to have our picnic, so Shahrul had to make a few trips to the car to get the stuff, while I took care of Snowy.

But after that, we had a relaxing day, enjoying our food, the view and company.


Happy 23rd Monthsary my love! Can’t wait for our Bangkok trip together. I love you, and you mean the world to me ❤








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