It’s (Almost) The Wonderful Time Of The Year

In less than two weeks, it’ll be one of my fav holidays of the year! CHRISTMAS!

In the past, we always spend Christmas in KL with the Chans and I just love the idea of being away during this holiday. At this time tomorrow, I will be overseas with my Boo, and I’m so excited to say that I won’t be back until the start of 2017! Yes, I will be celebrating New Year’s in one of my fav country! I enjoy celebrating New Year’s overseas. The last time I did that was 2014 when my family and I spent three weeks in Fiji. I get to see and experience how others celebrate the start of a new year differently. In fact, it’s my goal to celebrate New Year’s overseas in different countries. Happy to say that I can tick a few countries off my list of celebrating New Year’s in. But at the top of my list? Iceland (YES! I WANNA GO BACK!) and Istanbul! I’m sure Shah and I will have many opportunities to do that 🙂

So what are your holiday plans? Care to share with me? 🙂









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