Date Night

When Shahrul and I first started going out, we kept insane hours. We would meet at like 11pm and hang out till 4/5 am at times. But as time passed, we went out on dates at a more regular hour.

So it brought back fond memories when we went for a late date night again.

Thanks to Shahrul, we got free tickets to the Night Safari. I haven’t been in a while but the place is still the same. It was Shahrul’s first time visiting though, and I had lots and lots of fun scaring him as the place was really dark.

I suggest taking the tram as walking may lead to you getting lost, especially when there are no lights on the path. Plus, there is a guide who will explain the different animals, to you. If you feel like getting off, you can always do so at each stop, and walk around. Then you can hop on the next tram.

Personally, I still prefer the Zoo to the Night Safari, as it’s open in the daytime and you can see more of the animals. Plus, the Zoo is definitely way bigger than the Night Safari. If you’re a tourist, definitely do try to go both. But for a local like me, making a trip t the Night Safari once every few years, is fine to me.

It was quite impromptu when we went to watch a movie after our visit to the Night Safari. We watched ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ and it was freaking good! Lots of action and quite gory I must say. A lot of my gfs are not into this type of movies so I’m glad that Shahrul and I love watching the same types of movies



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