How to deal with bad days

We all have bad days.  Who doesn’t? I sulk a lot when I’m having a bad day. It depends on different people on what they like to do to get out of that funk. For me, I workout a lot when I’m down. I really push myself hard during my workout time. I can go from one class to another, or just do my HIIT workouts until I’m too tired to feel anger.

But on this particular day, when I can’t exercise thanks to a certain monthly visit from “someone”, I have to find another solution.

I was in such a funk that I realised only dressing up and going out will do the trick.



I paired my new neonmello rainbow stripped top with shorts from the tinsel rack. Some bling bling on my hands and a super cute bag which I just got to complete the look. And off I go. But where?

Since Orchard Library has become my fav library to go to since it’s huge but few people go, why not just drop by?

I decided to have dinner at Supply and Demand first before spending some quiet me time at the library.

I borrowed this photography book from the library by Herb Ritts and I am so in awe by it! The photos are so well taken and in depth..

One can only hope to master that kind of sophistication in taking such beautiful photos. Of course with determination and hard work, nothing is impossible.

After that, I went for desserts at Lady M before heading home. At the same time, I was noticing my mood was getting better.


Sometimes, we all just need a break from the repetitive cycle of going through the motion of what we call life. The stress from working or studying can be too much at times. Even if you are not having a bad day, take time to take a break, to smell the fresh air, appreciate what you have around you, and just BE IN THE MOMENT!

You don’t have to spend money to do that. Just do whatever that helps you calm down, spend time with family, your partner or friends, play with your dogs, or like someone I know, play computer games. Do what you feel you need to do.

For me, I need to get out of the house. I needed to feel pretty. And most importantly, I needed food! LOTS OF IT!

So that is how I deal with bad days. Like I said, different people how different ways of calming down. I have different ways to cope with bad days too. Sometimes I want food, sometimes I wanna splurge (sadly, it’s most of the time), sometimes I vent out my frustration when working out (even better if there’s a punching bag!), there are times when I cry it out, or I just some tender love and cuddles for my pups (they give the best love, can’t deny that).

To each his/her own 🙂








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