Debut Collection of Bridal and Evening Couture by Ethereal by Watabe and Jessica Cindy

You know the feeling of doing something for the first time? Like riding a bike, driving by yourself for the first time without any parental supervision, going for your first ever concert, etc. Well, going for my first fashion show gave me that same feeling. The rush of adrenaline met with my own enthusiasm just led to a mix of emotions and a head rush from literally spinning and spinning while admiring my surroundings and not believing that I was actually, REALLY at a fashion show!

The event was held at Chijmes, which is the perfect place to hold the debut collection of bridal and evening gowns. Can’t think of a better place than Chijmes.

When you walk into the chapel, which has been converted into a runway, I felt I was being transported to a dreamy, magical land filled with flowers like hydrangeas and baby’s breath (my fav)! Everything was so white, so pure and, no better word to describe it, ethereal!


Dorothy, Jon’s (@jontheexplorer) Mum, came along for the event and I was very happy to have her as my partner. We sat together during the show and just made jokes about moving to the front row, as we were sitting in the second row. Of course that’s not allowed as they were reserved for others but hey, we did have a good laugh about it! We got to talk about the gowns that were showcased during this event. I told Dorothy that one of these gowns would be my future wedding dress and she said that she wished she had chosen similar gowns for her wedding instead of the puffy sleeved gown she wore on her big day.

Yvette King our host for the night




Isabel (@prettyfrowns)

Jessica Cindy, Melissa, Yvette


The dresses were just so beautifully made, so feminine, classy and fairytale like. Shah, you have an idea of what type of wedding gown I’ll like in the future 😉









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