Beautiful In White

Feeling extremely princess-y in this Neonmello dress. The bouquet of flowers and the surroundings of Chijmes just give this a very dreamy and fairytale kind of look.

Thank you Boo for taking such beautiful photo ❤

Dress: Neonmello

Heels: Zalora

Location: Chijmes



Of course, after shooting we were hungry, and off we went to Ninja Cut for lunch.

I brought along my current fav book to read by Aimee Song, called Capture My Style.

Gosh was the place crowded! We were lucky to have been able to make reservations. I would recommend doing that if you’re going on a weekend. If not, go on a weekday.

I ordered the Oceans of Mentaiko which was very, very delicious! The sauce was so good, that I asked for extra sauce. The seafood was so fresh and the scallop was perfectly seared and succulent. Shahrul ordered the Gimme Chimi Chicken and we shared a bowl of sweet potato fries with mentaiko cream, torched marshmallows and melted cheese. Mmm Yum Yum!

We went on to My Sister Bakes to collect Tara’s birthday cake before heading home.

I would say that it was a very eventful day, running all about, but I can’t complain. I wish my days were packed with activities like this one, even though I was quite exhausted. I’m the type of person who gets easily bored and needs to have her days filled with activities to feel fulfilled.

Hoping your weekend will be equally satisfying for you, no matter what you’re doing.








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