Port Dickson (2016)

Gave Mum a (very) early birthday trip… A short trip to Port Dickson! We stayed at Lexis Hibiscus for 2D1N and this place is the ultimate beach goals! The place is so beautifully designed that I just couldn’t believe it’s real and that I’m actually there.

The view from our room is just so breathtaking! Plus our room is just huge! I’m so glad I chose the Sky Pool Villa.

After putting our overnight bags in the room, Mum and I quickly went for our lunch as we were both starving. And then it was time for some water sports! Those who know me, will know that I’m crazy about water sports. Jet skis, surfing, banana boats, wake boarding, etc.


We were laughing and screaming so much that our throats hurt so bad!

And then I relaxed a while in our very own private pool in the balcony.

And the amazing sunset…

We went to the Japanese restaurant for dinner. I was a bit disappointed to find out that there are two cafe/restaurant we could eat at, and the food choices were very limited. But OMG, the food was really good, that it made up for the limitations.

img_16881We wanted to get some desserts after our dinner but we were so full that we couldn’t stomach more food. Instead, we went for a short walk to get rid of our bloated stomach before for our two hour massage at the hotel’s spa.

Went back to our room to find a surprise for Mum. A small cake! And oh my goodness, I realised that I was too excited about the cake to have taken a photo :/

The day was pretty much packed and exhausting but very much fulfilling.

Was planning to watch the sunrise the next morning, but I was so exhausted that I didn’t wake up till noon, with only enough time to have lunch before heading back to Singapore.

Hope you had a wonderful time Mum!

For Singaporeans who want a short trip, Port Dickson is something different from the usual trips to other parts of Malaysia, like JB, KL, Malacca, etc. I would definitely recommend Lexis Hibiscus. The staff are really friendly and attentive, the rooms are very clean, it’s family friendly and the food tastes so good! Plus you get such an amazing view! Port Dickson is definitely worth going!







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