Staycation At W Hotel

Shahrul and I decided to celebrate our 22nd together at W Hotel Sentosa for the weekend to relax as a couple and with friends and family.

We got a cake from My Sister Bakes and macaroons from Annabelle Patisserie and mum cooked Pasta and finger food for everyone.

The hotel was really nice to give us a small rainbow cake too!


Had a little fun in our own private pool as well!

My fav part of the hotel room is……………….Wait for it…………THE BATHROOM!


Omg we have a TV in the bathroom and I could watch my fav TV shows while getting a relaxing bubble bath. Bathroom ideas for my future home!

And of course, we brought the fun (and the unicorn) out to the main pool the next morning

Thank you to those who came,  we really appreciate it! So glad to spend the weekend with my chubby bunny and my loved ones.








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