Stranger’s Reunion (Meeting) & Shahrul’s birthday

Hello again! It’s been quite an eventful week I must say….

Let’s talk about my meeting with Melissa and James.

Gosh I feel so productive when doing what I love! Every aspect of the meeting was so mind blowing! There’s so much to learn and so much you can give your input on. Really an eye opener to be working for them. Plus, they’re just so sweet and nice people.

We met up at Stranger’s Reunion for lunch, or more like dinner, so “lunner”? Lol!

Ok bad jokes aside, we got very serious when it came down to the meeting. But once food arrived, we were all about taking flatlays, with beautiful roses and baby’s breath, little classy jewelleries to beautify the pictures.


I wish I had taken my phone out more often to take more photos of the different projects we were working on on that day. Unfortunately, the photos are with Melissa or James 😦

But I would like to thank Stranger’s Reunion for being so kind to us, allowing us to take photos at different tables, so that we can get better lighting, and changing/ topping up James coffee and my ice cream.

You would think that after such a full lunch/dinner, I wouldn’t be able to eat anymore, but noooo, I met up with Shahrul after that and surprised him with a meal at Bread Street Kitchen to celebrate his birthday.

I ordered two cold starters: chicken liver and foie gras parfait, earl grey tea jelly with toasted brioche, and roasted veal carpaaccio, dill pickles, quail’s egg with tuna dressing. Shahrul ordered from the mains, roasted sea trout with wild garlic crust, white and green asparagus with white wine veloute.

We paired our meals with a glass of 2015 Scanavino Moscato (my fav!!) d’Asti, Piedmont, Italy each. It was so flavourful and sweet on the tongue. We didn’t let a single drop go to waste!

Dessert was Monkey shoulder cranachan cheesecake with blueberry ripple ice cream. I’m  not a huge fan of cheesecakes, especially those that are hard and dry. But this was the bomb! It was so soft, it literally melts in your mouth. Mmm Yum!


It was a very sinful and delightful meal! Very worth it and definitely going to go back a third, fourth time.

I bought Shahrul a brownie cake from P.Osh too and surprised him the next day, which is his actual birthday. Happy 22nd dear!

Stay tuned for the next post on our 22nd birthday party 😉









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