Eat, Chi, Makan

A hungry person will never be happy. I can be an emotional eater. Whenever I’m upset or angry, I want to get out of the house and find some good food. Or chocolates. They are a girl’s best friend during emotional times.

So during one of my low times, mum decided to bring me out for a girls’ day out. We went to Wheeler’s Yard for lunch.



We ordered a couple of dishes to share. Menatiko Pasta, Mentaiko Fries, Miso Pork Belly Rice Bowl and Summer Delight.

The Mentaiko Pasta was a little bland and I wish there was more taste in the Mentaiko. But the Mentaiko fries strangely had more taste.The Pork Belly was really soft and the rice was really fragrant. Dessert was the Summer Delight. It’s very refreshing, perfect for a hot afternoon.


Wheeler’s Yard is good place for friends and family to hang out and enjoy a good meal. Plus, if you’re a bike enthusiast, you would love to explore the shop.

After a full meal, it’s time for some exercise. Mum is training for her marathon so we went to train at East Coast. She ran while I cycled so that I could put all our things in my bicycle basket.

We cycled/ran to the Barrage and back. We wanted to cover more distance but Mum was so exhausted completing more than 15km.

ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU LOVE!!! For me, whether I’m happy or upset, I always make sure to exercise and eat, my fav activities. However I tend to do more of these activities when I’m down. But I’m trying to find a balance between eating and exercising.

Life is all about BALANCE. And when you find the right balance, everything just falls into place.








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