Interview with Christabel Chua aka bellywellyjelly

I attended the Benefit event where they had a huge launch for their brow products and got to meet the beautiful Christabel, aka Bellywelljelly. I’m so used to the name Bellywelljelly that calling her Christabel was something I was not used to. 

She is beautiful and was really poised when I interviewed her. She radiates confidence and would smile between answering. When I first shook hands with her, my first reaction was, ‘Wow you’re really talk!’ And she shyly answers, ‘No lah. It’s this heels.’ I was really intimidated by her because I not only got to meet someone whom I admire a lot, but interview her as well. 

I suggested we went to one of the tables Benefit had set up so that we could be more comfortable.

Me: Hi Christabel! Benefit cosmetics just launched their new brow collection. Which is your favourite and why?

Bel: I like Ka-Brow because it is very weather proof so it can last through when I travel. It actually stays on. I like that the colour is very pigmented as well, it looks very nice and easy to apply. 

Me: What do you love about Benefit Cosmetics and of all the products, which are your top three?

Bel: I like Benefit because of the colour scheme because it’s always very happy, very similar to how I like my things. They’re very cheerful , very happy. My favourite products will be High brow, Gimme brow and Ka-Brow. But these are brow products. If you ask me of all the products, I like Dallas, but it has been discontinued, so in turn I like Hoola. 

Me: What made you want to start a blog and a YouTube channel?

Bel: I always was interested in travel, beauty and fashion, so it just stemmed from having a diary online, then it just evolved slowly into a blog and YouTube. 

Me: I love travel and fashion. What kind of advice would you give me?

Bel: I think you have to think bigger. For example, if you are like travel and fashion, you can not only do one thing. So you can write on your blog but also you have to explore other ways to increase your knowledge. I think that’s the best thing. 

Me: Of All the countries you’ve been to, which country is your fav to visit and why?

Bel: I love Indonesia. Indonesia is very beautiful, very adventurous. I like it a lot. There’s always places that are very untouched. 

Me: Whuch country are you hoping to visit?

Bel: I wanna visit Iceland. 

Me: Oh Iceland! Iceland is nice. I’ve been there. You should go during winter. More beautiful. 

Bel: Oh really? Ok I wanna go Iceland. Yeah. 

Me: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Bel: Starting up my own brand. Being able to reach out and work with a lot of girls out there and making them more beautiful, making them feel better about themselves, hopefully. 

Me: What advice do you have for people who are starting their own blog or YouTube channel?

Bel: Find your passion. Find your what you really love and think about what makes you happy. For example, if making people smile makes you happy, if making people feel good about themselves, makes you happy. Does music or makeup make you happy? Then focus on that.

Me: Thanks Christabel!


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