365/365 <3


Shahrul and I celebrated our anniversary during the weekend! We stayed at Hotel Jen at Orchard Gateway for one night.

A pic of Mum and Mark photobombing lol!


A pic of us taken at the hotel pool


We were supposed to go for a picnic at Botanic Gardens, but it was too hot and I was really hungry after checking in. So we had our “picnic” in the room. Shahrul cooked like he did on our first date. He made Aglio Olio and spicy chicken wings. A guy who can cook is a keeper 😉

After that we headed to the pool to cool off.

The view was so nice! You can actually see MBS from the infinity pool on the roof.

In the evening, we headed for our couples’ massage which Shahrul was sweet enough to treat me 🙂 We got a good deal! $52 for two people having 70 minutes massage each.

I’m a little disappointed with the hotel though. I paid quite an amount for the staycation and yet the room was quite small. Worse still, we were actually upgraded as it was our anniversary. An upgrade and yet the room is still so small and we needed to combine two single beds as there wasn’t a king sized bed for us! WTH!

And when we went for breakfast the next morning, we were asked to sit at a table that was DIRTY! There were crumbs all over the table!! Before I could ask the lady to move us to another table, she had already walked away! TSK TSK! Hotel Jen management, please do something about these! It is very bad hotel service, especially when it is a hotel with good reviews and I think rated 4 stars.

Quite disappointed with the hotel. Probably won’t go back there. I should have chosen Shangri La but in the end decided to give Hotel Jen a try cos it’s near the train station.

But I still had a fun time with my Boo 😘😘

Moving along, our staycation ended with us having lunch at Fresh Fruits Lab with my Gu Gu.


Once again, Happy Anniversary Dear!! May we have millions more ❤



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