Shahrul’s 21st


My baby is officially 21! Woohoo! Happy birthday dear! You’re officially a man! Yeah, haha!

Gave my baby a treat at NUSS Guild House.


We chose the four-course meal, which is $68 each. Quite reasonable I would say, considering the restaurant is rather pricey.

Look at the scrumptious food!

Shahrul’s oyster with cheese

My foie gras
My foie gras

His veal
His veal

My steak
My steak
Dessert! Yum!

063 064

Had a wonderful time with boy! Good company and good food 🙂 There was even a performer to sing for us!

Treating my boy was one of the four surprises I had for him.

During the weekend, brought my baby to RSYC for a staycation. Bought him a birthday cake too.


Birthday cake from My Sister Bakes. It’s a Liverpool (Shahrul’s favourite football team) chocolate cake with buttercream. So yummy!

Invited his friends from MI and St Gab’s too.

092 094 100

And here’s a picture of the present I got for him…..

An Emporio Armani watch!


Happy blessed 21st my dear ❤ Hope you had enjoyed your surprises!



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