Pince & Pints


On my 21st birthday, my aunt and I decided to have lobster for dinner. We went to Pince & Pints which is renowned for its chunky lobsters on soft bread rolls.

Each item is priced at $58++, so, people will think that it’s over-priced and over-rated, and forgo eating at this restaurant. But I urge you to go at least once because the food there is simply delicious and mouth watering. No words to describe how much I enjoyed my meal.

I ordered the Truffle Lobster Roll while my aunt ordered the chilli lobster with mantou.

My meal was soooo good! Probably the best lobster I’ve had so far! Whenever I have meals  consisting of lobsters, I always feel that there isn’t enough meat. But at Pince & Pints, the lobster serving was really really generous. And you could taste the sweetness of the meat! So flavourful! The truffles was omfg, so fragrant and crunchy! The bread roll had this buttery fragrance and had a slight crisp after being pan fried. It was so soft and fluffy. The best part is, the butter just melts in your mouth! I can probably eat this everyday, if not for the high price.

The chilli crab that my aunt ordered was HUGEEEEE! She was literally struggling to finish it. I didn’t get to try the dish, but from my aunt’s exclaims, the lobster was pretty tasty. I got to try the sauce though which has space for improvements. I think that it isn’t spicy enough, a little too sweet.

The service though was top notch! The waitress serving us was super duper friendly. Didn’t manage to get her name though, if not I would have complimented her. She was really helpful when my aunt and I had no idea what alcohol would suit our choice of dish. In the end, I chose a sweet white wine which went well with my meal and very refreshing for the palette. My aunt went for a cocktail which was not too bad either.

Once in a while, the waitress would clear our dirty plates and bring new ones for us. And she would ask us if we were enjoying our meal. Really great service I would say. In fact, I love the ambience too! Really cosy and not too noisy. 

I recommend you to give this restaurant a try! Be it with family, friends or a date. You can order a few dishes and share it with the others. In fact, my aunt and I are thinking of going back there again soon with a few others. It’s really a good place to celebrate an occasion or just having a nice, relaxing meal.


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