Nic and Shah in Batam

Hello!! I’m finally back from Batam! It was a great 4 days with my love ❤️ 

But before I talk about Batam, a pic of my OG. 

It was a day well spent with them ☺️ Made some friends there and it was great knowing everyone. My OGL, Rui Ying and Jiang Maan, were really kind to us. I hope I can be an OGL next semester. 

Now back to Batam…

Day 1 

Arrived in Batam and we checked-in to our hotel, Swiss Inn Hotel. After that, headed to The Spa Secret for spa and massage. It was a little pricey but the service was really good. And we were recommended to go there by our driver. 

Felt really pampered after my spa ☺️ 

We headed to Nagoya Mall next for dinner and also to buy some groceries. 

Had burger for dinner
The burgers there are soooo gooood! They taste like Ramli Burger. And things there are so cheap!

We headed back to our hotel after that for some much needed rest. 

Day 2

Water sports!!! Went to Turi Beach Resort for parasailing and banana boat. Shahrul can’t swim so only I went for parasailing. 

Did the banana boat after that. Shahrul’s first time and he was so scared! Haha! He told the guy on the boat not to go fast and not to flip the banana boat, but that was the fun part of the ride 😪

Relaxed by the pool before leaving. 

The view…

Headed to another mall after that for lunch and more grocery shopping. 

Tried the panlato there. It’s like ice cream and really refreshing. 

Day 3

Day tour around Batam. Started out at a chocolate factory and then went to many factory outlet shops. We also went to a kueh lapis shop to try the different kueh lapis. They have chocolate, cheese and even prune flavours. 

For lunch, we were brought to this seafood place called The Golden Prawn. The food was really good! I especially love the ‘escargots’ hahaha. 

We ended the tour with a massage at Sawadeka. The massage was fantastic. I didn’t know how sore my legs were until the masseur rubbed them. 

Day 4 

Slept in and relaxed at the hotel before we left for the ferry terminal. 









Thanks dear for this wonderful trip! I know I was sad that we couldn’t go Bangkok but as long as I get to spend time with you, I’m really happy! Next stop, Taiwan!! Hehehe I love you dear 😘😘❤️❤️ 


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