Calm Before The Storm

So the reason for the above title is because school is starting in less than two weeks! Omg! Nervous and excited at the same time.

So what have I been up to this past few weeks? Going to school to pay school fees and buying books which left a huge hole in my dad’s wallet! $600+ for those damn books! Man, uni is not starting out cheap!

I can’t wait to go for my OG camp even though I can only make it for a day. I’m quite sad that I won’t be able to go for the full orientation :/ But hey, spending time with my love on holiday is worth it ❤ So glad that my OG mates seem friendly. I hope school now won’t be like in MI….shitty. We’ll see how things go… Cross fingers…

I’m extremely proud of my mum for completing her first triathlon this month. She said she wanted to achieve this goal before she turned the big 5-0.

035 041

With her coach
With her coach
with her 3 children
with her 3 children


She completed the race in 4 hours! So proud!

Got to try Oma Spoon and 23 Jumpin this month.

059 071

Oma Spoon is soooo good. The ice melts in your mouth! It’s a really refreshing dessert for a really hot day.

23 Jumpin was hmmm…so so. I love the wings, especially delicious. But the rest were just alright.

Went to L’eclair to try out their yummy eclairs! And my god! They are so goooood!


I’ll go back there anytime! Thanks Sarah and Michelle 🙂

Brought my aunt to try out Dazzling cafe….

119 120 121

She loves it so much, she said she’ll bring Vivien back there the next time haha!

I also got to attend a Coach event for pups one Saturday evening and got to meet the beautiful Melissa Koh!


She’s really nice in person. And friendly too. Her pups were just too adorable. I wish I had brought Snowy to the event.

August is also the month of Singapore’s birthday! Uncle Chris and Aunty Erin came down from KL to visit us. The whole gang went for lunch at Pappa Rich.


After that, went to meet Shahrul, Jessica and Jesslin to catch the fireworks. Our plan was to catch them at MBS, but the place was so freaking crowded! Some people were there since 2! We couldn’t even squeeze our way out! OMG! In the end, we joined my mum, aunt and grandma at the Mandarin Oriental to catch the fireworks. I must say they were breathtaking!

146 161 184

Can’t wait for #SG51!

Jess and I went for our ifly session too! It was quite fun, but each person had a really short time in the flying machine thingy. Really not worth it cos it cost us $100+ each. But hey, if you’re only doing it once, make it count!

198 199

So that’s all for now folks! Ta Ta! Will be back to update once I’m back from my trip 😀


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