1am poem 

I can never forget the day we started talking. 

Not the conventional way, but there was something about you that made me curious. 

I came with baggage, but your warmth and sweet smile slowly made me open up. 

Your understood my pains. Going through great lengths to make me smile and making sure I was alright. 

But boy, what really made my day was to see you smile and your doe-liked eyes twinkle. 

Not everyday is a fairytale. We do have our fights and disagreements. 
But they’re lessons. I’m learning more about you. And you, me. I would never trade them for anything else. 

All the hardships and tears that I’ve been through are worth it because they’ve led me to you. 

So since I’m not good with words, I shall say them in my 1am poem. 

With my hand in yours, I feel safe and treasured. 


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