I don’t really have much to do right now while waiting to check in. Cebu airport has limited things to do. Guess I’m too used to Changi airport’s wide range of shops. 

From the 6th to 11th of May, had a mother-daughter vacation in cebu. This is my first time in Philippines. We stayed at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. The people there are so friendly, and omg, the service is out of the world. Whoever trained the staff at the resort should come to Sg and train those in the service industry. 


A map of our resort! It’s quite a huge place and sometimes, we require a buggie to get us around. 




 Day 1: Free and Easy

We arrived at Plantation and decided to keep activities to a minimum. 

Went for lunch first cos I was hungry (when am I ever not?)

The food at the resort is so freaking good! Like I can’t think of any dish that was unsatisfactory. 

Me by the saltwater pool! If I’m not wrong, we have four saltwater pools and three fresh water pools. 


And of course, dessert!


Went for the Super Mable ride. It was so exhilarating! Mum and I screamed so much that we both had really bad coughs after that. My cough still hasn’t recovered till today 😒


After that we headed back to shore to cycle around the resort. We had a free 1 hour bicycle ride everyday. 


Got to catch cebu’s beautiful sunset after that…



We were so exhausted by early evening that mum and I decided to have room service that night


Day 2: City tour 

Woke up early for the city tour. 

Breakfast 😍 

So bloody good!😋


City Tour:




Went back to the resort for lunch at Fiji Restaurant. The resort itself has four eateries so we didn’t have to go out for meals. 


Headed for my jet ski session after that..




Went to the saltwater pool for some kayaking. 


Our dinner at Palermo Restaurant! The steak and pasta were so awesome! I’m salivating thinking about it! And the best part is, the premium steak is only S$15!!😱😱

Had to dress up for the night..

Day 3: Swimming with whale sharks and waterfall

Woke up at 4am!!! The journey was 3 hours omg! And that’s only one way. But it was worth it, waking up early. The whale sharks were so beautiful and gentle! 

(Ps we’re not allowed to touch the sharks! Touching them will result in a huge fine or even jail! So if you google and find pics of tourists touching the sharks, it’s all bs! They probably got punished. These mammals are being observed by marine biologists)











FYI, the sharks look huge but they’re only babies! Their mums, whom we call Big Mamas, are as big as a bus!

This was my first time swimming with sharks and I’m so glad I can tick it off my bucket list ☺️

Thereafter, we went to a waterfall nearby. 


Only mum went into the water. It was too cold for me. 

Another pic of our resort

Day 4: Reef Snorkelling 

Another busy day for us!

Breakfast to start our day!

Heading out to sea..


The coral reefs were beautiful! But we both got stung countless times by jellyfish 🌵🌵




Lunch to recharge before we go for our paddle board session







Meditating on my board


For dinner, we went back to Palermo Restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day. Had to dress up for the occasion. 


Surprise for my Momma


A wonderful evening well spent with my mum ❤️

Day 5: Live Shooting Range

Breakfast pic first hehe



Palm/card reading and henna


Mum went for archery


We went for rock climbing as well


The live shooting range!



Headed for lunch at Fiji Restaurant

Dessert 😋 

In the evening, we had yoga on the paddle board

Decided to indulge ourselves on the last night. Went for a massage and then for supper, we went to Palermo Restaurant again. Had to eat my fav steak on the last night. 

Day 6: Goodbye Cebu

Feel so sad to leave this beautiful resort. 
A pic outside my room. 

Goodbye Cebu! I’ll be back again! Till then…. 



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