CNY 2015 (Part 2)

Since I have nothing to do on the way to work, I’m just gonna write on my second week of CNY.

On the seventh day of CNY, it’s 人日, which means it’s everyone’s birthday. Yacht club organised a party to celebrate Singapore’s 50th and members of the club, who are turning 50 this year, were invited. I don’t need to say who in our family was invited cos it’s so obvious 😂😂



Lo hei lo! For those turning 50 only. So, now do you know who’s turning 50?😏





It was a good party, with good food and good company ☺️

So a few days back, mummy’s friend, Aunty Salicia invited us over to her new house. Oh my god! I see her house, I want to get the one a few doors down from hers. It’s so freaking nice. So hotel like!! Han Wei had a freaking loft in his room! And the two boys each have their own toilets 😍😍

I got to play with Sha Sha and Cody too.



Only took pictures with sha sha cos cody’s so temperamental! That dude needs anger management! Always biting people 😒

Aunty Salicia had the lion dance troop over…




财神爷 arrived!


This year’s CNY has been really really fun! Got to catch up with relatives I haven’t seen in awhile. Got to gamble too! I love it when we team up to win more money from the banker 😂😂

Can’t wait for next year’s ☺️

Till then, back to reality! Time for work 😩😩


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