To My One And Only Mr Brownie

My Love <3
My Love ❤

Well, a month has passed and I must say it’s an EXTREMELY AWESOME month with you!! It feels like yesterday we went on our first date. Picnic at the east, with you cooking the food. No guy, in fact no one outside my family has ever cooked me a meal. I was really touched of course. When I first took a bite of the spicy fillet, I cried inside, saying “Omg this guy can really cook!!” And of course, I thank God. Haha being my usual dramatic self.

But it wasn’t just your cooking that made me fall for you each day. The first date, you asked about my story. Even after telling you, you didn’t run for the hills. You’re the first person besides my family to know and understand the real me. You understand what it’s like to be bullied, to go through shitty stuff. And when I told you I came from a broken family and all my troubles with my family members, you’re able to relate and give me advise.

Even with our insecurities, me at times being emotional because I was reminded of my terrible time in school, we became stronger. You’ve comforted and encouraged me when I was down. And when people realised we’re together, and started badmouthing me, calling me “a troublemaker in school”, you chose to believe in me. I’m really touched by that. Many people in that school don’t know me and have never tried talking to me. Yet, they choose to believe these vicious rumors spread by the very people who bullied me. I’m very glad and thankful you’re not like them.

Being with you has made me a happier and more positive person. I’m learning to ignore those hurtful things people are saying about me. At the end of the day, my family and you are most important. I care about how y’all think of me. If friends choose to believe the rumors, then they don’t deserve to be in my life.

I’ve learnt to be more carefree too. I can be open about my feelings to you. I learn from you that it’s better to be honest and share my thoughts, rather than let it fester within me till I explode. I can be myself with you. I don’t have to worry about being judged.

I’m really lucky to have you in my life. I honestly still think that you’re a dream. But as the days pass, I know you’re real. My sweet reality 🙂

I’m a realist. I know that in the future, we’ll have to overcome many different obstacles. But like what I told you, I hope they’ll make us stronger as individuals and as a couple. I Love You, Honey Bear, or what my family and Jess calls you, Shah Shah ❤

Cheers to the wonderful month we had and to a great adventure we have ahead 😉

075 076 077


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