Words can’t describe how I’m feeling. The word ‘happy’ isn’t strong enough. I’m always smiling when I’m talking to you either on the phone or face-to-face. I’m so blessed to have someone so special like you in my life. There is nothing I can’t share with you. I can be honest about how I feel. No filter required. I’m comfortable sharing them with you because we’ve been through many similar hardships and you don’t judge me. You make me a better person, telling me not to give up when I’m down.

I find myself always looking forward to Fridays when you book-out. No matter how much time we spend together, it’s never enough. I wish I can have you on weekdays too, but no, duty calls. *sigh* Really miss you a lot when you’re in camp, my big baby! Counting down the days till I see you again. Love you! ❤


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